Wizkids Announce 'Waterworld' Style Post-Apocalypse Board Game Flotilla

Published: March 25, 2019 11:00 AM /


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Wizkids has announced a brand new ocean-based post-apocalyptic board game which bears a striking similarity to 1995's WaterworldFlotilla is a game set in an alternate 1950s when the bikini atoll nuclear tests caused a sudden rise in ocean levels. To keep humanity afloat they had to construct the flotilla, a huge cobbled together super city which is the only settlement still floating above the water level. 2 - 5 players start out diving for scraps on the outskirts of the floating city, eventually attaching their vessels to the great flotilla itself and vying for control and influence in humanity's last surviving city.

Flotilla was designed by J.B. Howell and Michael Mihealsick, both relative newcomers to the world of tabletop game design. Howell's most well-known effort is Reavers of Midgard, a worker placement game about running a Norse warship and raiding villages. Mihealsick is best known for Onimaru, a game about a small Japanese village being attacked by otherworldly monsters and demons. Despite the designers being relatively new to game design both of their previously mentioned works hold relatively high averages over on Board Game Geek. Only time will tell if Flotilla will carry on their streak of positive receptions.


Flotilla is planned for release in October of 2019 and we should receive more information about the game in the coming summer.

Quick Take

Wow so looking at the box art for Flotilla it looks a lot like WaterworldWhile that movie left a lot of viewers with a sour taste in their mouth considering just how much it cost, it did at least have a very interesting visual style. I think this might actually be the first game not actually based on the movie which takes that style and runs with it! I for one can't wait to give this a try. Although my predisposition to love games about sailing probably helps. Sign me up! 

Are you looking forward to Flotilla? Do you like the visual style on display? Let us know your thoughts down below. 



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