Wizards Shares New The Brothers' War Prerelease Details

Published: September 23, 2022 3:34 PM /


Official promotional artwork from the Magic set, The Brothers' War

Wizards of the Coast have released new details about their upcoming The Brothers' War prerelease. This is the newest set for Magic: The Gathering as laid out during Wizards Presents 2022. This set will continue the overarching story told by Dominaria United and, thanks to the power of time travel, will officially showcase the titular war between Mishra and Urza for the Thran powerstone. For such a pivotal release, WOTC have made several changes to how they handle prerelease events.

The Brothers' War Prerelease Will Be Before The Digital Release

In a post on the official Magic website, it was confirmed that The Brothers' War prerelease will be happening before the set's digital release. If you want to see all of the new cards and deck strategies, you will have to head to a participating local game store. This release schedule will be consistent with other sets such as the upcoming Streets of New Capenna, and the two following sets: Phyrexia: All Will Be One and March of the Machine.

Promotional artwork for barious boosters of The Brothers War prerelease event
The only limitations is physical stock now.

The Brothers' War Prerelease Will Let You Buy Any Sealed Product

The second major change for The Brothers' War prerelease is that there will be no limit to how much of a sealed product you can buy. Furthermore, all sealed products will be available during the prerelease window. Set Boosters, Collector Boosters, Draft Boosters, Bundles, Jumpstart Boosters, Commander Decks, all of this, and more will be available for purchase as long as you have the cash.

This is paired with additional changes to The Brothers War Prerelease. The Wizards Play Network web page have confirmed that all participating stores will host Draft Events for experienced players and are highly encouraged to host Jumpstart Prerelease events. The latter is meant more for casual or inexperienced players since Jumpstart decks are meant to onboard new players and let them experience the hobby alongside the prerelease.

However, the page also noted that The Brothers' War prerelease will be the first event where certain COVID pandemic-policies will no longer be in effect. Those policies are as follows:

  • Promo packs will no longer be allowed to be used as sales incentives—they must only be play incentives.
  • The Buy-a-Box promo can no longer be provided with online sales—you may only pass them out for purchases made in-store.
  • Buy-a-Box promos can only be used for sales of full displays of Draft, Set, Collector, and Jumpstart boosters. The Buy-a-Box promo will no longer apply to the purchase of 6 Prerelease Packs. 

The Brothers' War Prerelease will be on November 11. The cards in the set will be available on Magic: Arena and Magic Online on November 15. 


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