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Wizards Announces Extra Life 2022 Secret Lair

October 21, 2022 2:58 PM

By: Tyler Chancey


Wizards of the Coast has partnered once more with Extra Life 2022. The publisher behind Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering has worked alongside the non-profit organization since 2013, raising more than $4 million for for sick and injured children in North America via the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. That continues this year with new merchandise and a new Extra Life 2022 Secret Lair, the proceeds of which will go to benefit hospitals and health organizations across the country.

Promotional artwork of the Extra Life 2022 Secret Lair cards
Childlike creativity never goes out of style.

The Extra Life 2022 Secret Lair

According to an official press release by Wizards of the Coast, the Extra Life 2022 Secret Lair will be in the same vein as last year. It will contain four Magic cards in two different styles. The first are the cards drawn by children who were patients at the Seattle Children's Autism Center. The second are those exact same drawings carefully redone by professional artists, showcasing the creative interpretations of these cards by these children. The four cards in the Secret Lair are as follows:




  • Lathiss, Dragon Queen
  • Birds of Paradise
  • Silver Legion
  • A secret card yet to be revealed

For each Extra Life 2022 Secret Lair sold, 50% of the proceeds will go to Extra Life and the Seattle Children's Autism Center. Furthermore, the kid-art version of these cards will be available on Magic The Gathering: Arena, with all proceeds going directly to Extra Life. The Secret Lair will go on sale November 4.

“The generous philanthropy efforts of Wizards of the Coast support some of our most innovative and creative initiatives related to community outreach and training, building our capacity to serve more patients and families, and improving our systems to deliver more equitable patient care,” said Mendy Minjarez, executive director of Seattle Children's Autism Center.



This Secret Lair isn't the only way Wizards will be supporting Extra Life 2022 this year. Those attending the Magic 30th Anniversary celebration in Las Vegas can also attend an event that supports Extra Life. This will include an Unfinity draft hosted by Magic's Head Designer Mark Rosewater as well as prize ticket events. There are also fundraising incentives on the official page such as Extra Life-themed play mats for $30, t-shirts for $25, and commemorative pins for $10.

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