Wizards of the Coast Gives Us Our First Look At Strixhaven

The latest set from WotC is setting up to be one hell of a set, and the magic school might just be about to provide us with some of the coolest alt art in Magic history.

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Magic: The Gathering Strixhaven School of Magic Packaging

Wizards of the Coast has finally dropped some of the first details for the upcoming Magic the Gathering set, Strixhaven: School of Magic. The new set is expected to drop in April and is set in the titular school of magic on the plane of Arcavious. 

Strixhaven: School of Magic

Wizards just gave us our first big look at Strixhaven: School of Magic, and it's shaping up to be a great set. This time around the story will be taking place on Arcavious, which contains the most elite school of magic in the multiverse. The school is made up of 5 different colleges, each founded by an elder dragon whose name they still bear, and each focused on a mana color pair. 

Strixhaven Preview Cards
This new Command cycle looks like it's going to be a pretty flexible selection of cards. 

Witherbloom is a black/green college focused on life in all of its various forms, whether that's zombies or flowers. Basically, they're the flower-power goths of the Magic world The preview card for this college is Witherbloom Command and shows off the college's focus on the graveyard and life totals. Silverquill is black/white and is a school of magic that believes in the might of words, whether it be spirit-boosting poems or arcane insults. They seem like the 'Slytherin' of the bunch, and their preview card is Silverquill Command, which is a flexible card that can buff creatures, or destroy them. 

Quandrix is the school of blue/green magic, and is filled with intelligent math magicians (but not in the Disney sense) so basically the nerds amongst nerds. Their preview card, Quandrix Command, shows off the technical side of blue mana, along with the powerful pump of green. Prismari follows the philosophies of red/blue magic, and is inhabited by the 'theatre kids' of the Magic world. Their preview card is Prismari Command (noticing a pattern yet?) which can draw cards, burn life totals, and even create treasure tokens. Finally, Lorehold is the school of white/red mana and embodies the tenants of research and adventure, so basically just a cross between a scientist and Errol Flynn. Their preview card is Lorehold Command, a powerful instant that can summon a relatively beefy token, or even allow a player to draw 2 cards at once. 

Crazy Reprint Varients

Strixhaven School of Magic Variant Art Cards
You cannot tell me that there isn't something stirring about that art on the Japanese Demonic Tutor variant. 

Another insanely cool feature of Strixhaven is the magic archive, a series of powerful spells from magic history with a new lick of paint. Opt, the 1-blue spell that embodies the 3 best words in Magic (draw a card), looks stunning, both in the western and Japanese variants. Even better, Demonic Tutor is getting a reprint and while the standard variant looks stunning, the Japanese version is on a whole other level. 

These reprints will not become standard legal, but will make an appearance in draft, and you'll be able to find one special archive card in each set and draft booster when the newest set released on April  23rd 2021. In total, the special archive cards will be 63 in number. Learn more about the set at Wizards' website


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