The Witcher: Old World Now on Kickstarter

Can't get enough of The Witcher? Well Polish developer Go On Board has you covered with The Witcher: Old World, a board game set in the world of the dark fantasy series.

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A look at the set up for The Witcher: Old World

Fans of The Witcher series have another project to seek out with a new board game on Kickstarter.

In The Witcher: Old World you play in a time before Geralt of Rivia. A time where The Continent is overwhelmed by evil magic and dangerous monsters. Luckily, there are multiple schools of Witchers, all traveling the land in order to kill monsters and get paid for it. The game will include narrative-driven scenarios full of difficult moral choices, the ability to build your own Witcher's combat style between mixing potions, magic signs, and deadly sword combat, and iconic monsters to slay like the Leshen or the Fiend. The game will be a competitive experience for 1-5 players, but will include a free co-op expansion where players work together to face The Wild Hunt lead by King Eredin.

A close up of The Leshen Card on the gameboard for The Witcher Old World

The Witcher: Old World is being developed by Polish studio Go On Board in association with CD Projekt RED. This will be the third project Go On Board has worked on, their prior work being card-dice game Valhalla and the historical fantasy miniatures game Titans. As for CDPR's involvement, it mostly appears to be to ensure the game is authentic to The Witcher series.

Considering the fact that The Old World hasn't been expanded upon despite there being multiple fantasy novels, videogames, and a successful Netflix series adaptation, this is uncharted territory for the developers involved. Thankfully, it also means there is plenty of room for creativity regarding the different Witcher Schools as well as fun play dynamics.

The Kickstarter campaign will end on June 11 and has already earned $3 million in backers, far outstripping their goal of $304,000 on the first day of it going live. It has already hit most of its stretch goals, which include the ability to make your own Witcher as well as additional monsters like the Water Hag and Nightwraith, as well as additional mechanics like making your own bombs.

The pledge levels include the base version of the box with Kickstarter Stretch goals at around $85 and the Deluxe box which includes additional game pieces, game boards and monsters which comes in at about $152 (converted from Euros).

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