Warhammer: The Old World Bases Getting Reworked

Published: April 14, 2023 3:34 PM /


An army of Bretonnian Knights on new Warhammer: The Old World bases

New information has surfaced about Warhammer: The Old World, which is Games Workshop's attempt to bring back the classic Warhammer Fantasy Battle miniatures game, which was its original IP before Warhammer 40,000 and more recently Warhammer Age of Sigmar. While the studio has remained transparent with different design elements, including new armor and weapon models, the latest development diary delves into some changes coming to Warhammer: The Old World bases.

Warhammer: The Old World model bases

The official Warhammer-Community post provided fans of Warhammer: The Old World with some interesting insights. First, the post talks briefly about returning ranges of miniatures as well as how to paint them. The post illustrates this with the fictional Bretonnian army of Duke Gastille, the Red Hand of Brionne. The post then showed several units within this army, all of which were wearing similar heraldry and colors: a white battleaxe with checkered black and red. This doesn't mean that individual heraldry or patterns are going away, just that the option is there if you want to bring a unified look to the table. In fact, the old color schemes may have a place in the game's rules for Exile and Crusade armies.


An army of Bretonnian Knights from Warhammer: The Old World
A bunch of knights ready to take down enemies of the crown.

As for model bases, Warhammer: The Old World will be making some adjustments. First, GW has confirmed that the units will still be on square and rectangular bases, allowing players to neatly line up their units into quick, recognizable formations. But given how larger and more dynamic their miniatures have become, GW has decided to increase the base size for all units in the game. All 20mm bases will be increased to 25mm, and the majority of both 25mm and 25x50 bases have been replaced with new-sized bases.

This doesn't mean that the new Warhammer: The Old World models will be getting bigger. The miniatures will be at the same scale as the returning range from Warhammer Fantasy Battle. As for rebasing your older models, both correctly sized bases and movement trays will be available for purchase. Games Workshop mentioned that you won't need to rebase your existing models for casual home play, but they will need to be based properly for organized competitive play.

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