Warhammer 40k's Adeptus Custodes' Codex Command New Stances

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Golden armored Adeptus Custodes fighting off grotesque Genestealers

Fans of Games Workshop's grimdark sci-fi world of Warhammer 40k have been waiting in anticipation for new additions to the popular war game. The Black Templars helped kick off this new edition. The rambunctious Orks have received new units and a brand new Codex. Furthermore, the game as a whole has received new incremental updates. But now, we know a bit more of what is coming in the new Adeptus Custodes Codex.

According to the latest Warhammer-Community post, the Adeptus Custodes army will be getting the following. The first big item is a brand new Warhammer 40k battlebox, Shadow Throne, which will feature the gilded guardsman of the God Emperor of Man fight off a Genestealer cult that has taken root under the Imperial Palace. This battlebox will include, among other precious units for the army, a Blade Champion miniature.

But the second biggest item is the introduction of martial ka'tahs. Found in the new Adeptus Custodes Codex, these are power stances that you can invoke for your army. The idea is that after both sides have deployed their units but before you determine who goes first, you select a primary, secondary, and tertiary ka'tahs that you will use in the battle. You mark this down on your army roster. Each of these ka'tahs have two separate stances. In each of your Command phases, you must select which ka'tah stance will be active for your army. You cannot select the same stance more than once and you must proceed to the next stance in the ka'tah on your next Command phase. Once both stances are done, you move on to the next respective ka'tah in a similar fashion.

White text on a red background detailing the Kaptaris Ka'tah
They're not getting away with this active.

Games Workshop even illustrated how these martial ka'tahs help benefit an Adeptus Custodes army. One of the examples of a primary ka'tah is the Calistus ka'tah. Stance one allows units to roll an additional d6 and discard another die result each time a unit advances. Stance two allows units to be treated as Remaining Stationary during their Shooting phase after moving or Advancing during their Movement phase. This makes this particular ka'tah great for overwhelming pressure and constant advancement of your army. The post continues with more situational ka'tahs like the Dacatarai which helps units fight waves of infantry or the Kaptaris ka'tah which is great for boxing in enemies within close quarters for a melee massacre.

Games Workshop's post did end with a tease for how certain Adeptus Custodes will favor certain ka'tahs, but more details will be coming later. There is no release date currently set for the new Adeptus Custodes Codex or the Shadow Throne battlebox.

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