The Walking Dead TTRPG Fully Funded In 24 Hours on Kickstarter

The Kickstarter campaign for Free League Publishing's officially licensed The Walking Dead TTRPG has officially gone live. In just 24 hours it has raised more than nine times its campaign goal

Published: March 14, 2023 2:32 PM /


Artwork of The Walking Dead TTRPG featuring zombies approaching a group of survivors

Last November, Free League Publishing announced they were working on The Walking Dead TTRPG. This multimedia franchise began as a comic book by Robert Kirkman, emphasizing messy interpersonal relationships and dark human impulses during a zombie apocalypse, and has since expanded into several TV shows, video games, and a (now discontinued) tabletop miniatures game. Now, the Kickstarter campaign for this tabletop adaptation has gone live, and it has already reached its campaign goal.

The Walking Dead TTRPG Kickstarter success

Overall, the Kickstarter page for The Walking Dead TTRPG provides similar information to what was made public last year. The TTRPG will be using the Zero Year system, which has been used to bring Ridley Scott's Alien and Blade Runner series to gaming tables. Furthermore, the game will emphasize difficult moral choices in dangerous high-stakes scenarios. The campaign page is also peppered with concept art and character quotes from the comics and TV shows like Hershel Greene, Rick Grimes, Shane Walsh, and Glenn Rhee. In addition to a core rulebook, the campaign also promotes a starter set with a prewritten scenario, premade character sheets, and a condensed version of the core rulebook.

As for backer tiers, The Walking Dead TTRPG Kickstarter has plenty to choose from. Those backer tiers are as follows:

  • Digital Edition for $29: A PDF of the core rulebook, a PDF of the starter set, and all digital stretch goals
  • Starter Set for $33: Everything in the Digital Edition tier and a physical copy of the starter set.
  • Core Rulebook for $47: A physical copy of the standard edition core rulebook as well as everything in the Digital Edition tier.
  • Core Book and Starter Set Bundle for $76: A physical copy of the standard edition core rulebook, a physical copy of the starter set, and everything in the Digital Edition tier.
  • Deluxe Bundle for $123: A physical copy of the Deluxe Edition of the core rulebook and everything in the Starter Set tier

Finally, there are several stretch goals. Some of these add extra content to the rulebook, some pack extra material into the starter set. Physical additions include a full map of Atlanta within the starter set, custom dice, and a threat marker. New content includes new character archetypes like The Criminal and The Nobody, as well as pre-generated named characters like Glenn and Carol.

At the time of writing, The Walking Dead TTRPG Kickstarter has more than surpassed its campaign goal. The campaign has raised $226,595, which is more than nine times its goal of $23,520. The campaign officially ends on April 5.

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