The Walking Dead: All Out War Comes To An End

Published: January 3, 2022 4:13 PM /


The board game set up for The Walking Dead: All Out War

The Walking Dead: All Out War is coming to an end. Based on the critically acclaimed graphic novels by Robert Kirkman and the well-regarded television adaptation, the series caught on in a big way, spinning off into beloved game adaptations. But now, after so many years of support, developer Mantic Games have announced they will not be producing any additional content for their miniatures game.

According to their official news post, Mantic talked about The Walking Dead: All Out War and how it had changed over the years. How it all started when Skybound Entertainment's Shawn Kirkham were impressed by Mantic's Dungeon Saga game, leading to the developers getting a chance at the license. They mentioned just how well received it was thanks to the unique mix of PvP between human survivors as well as the threat of zombie attack, citing the game's solid review score average on Board Game Geek.


In addition, the developer mentioned just how much support The Walking Dead: All Out War had received. Since the original release in 2016, seven waves of story arc content came out. These covered key events from the comics and show like The Prison, the ruthlessness of The Governor, the introduction of the spiked bat psycho Negan, and the Whisperers. There were even skimish and board game spin-offs.

A screenshot of human soldier minis from The Walking Dead Miniatures Game
We're just here for the food and medicine, stand down! Image Credit: Mantic Games

But as the post continued, Mantic Games came to a sobering conclusion: the story of The Walking Dead is over. The TV show has run its course. The comic book ended. There is nothing more to adapt or add. To quote Mantic directly, "As a result, we and Skybound felt it was also time to call an end on the miniatures game. It has been a fantastic journey, and one that many, many Mantic and Walking Dead fans took with us. We have agreed with Skybound to allow fans and collectors a final three months to pick up whatever they want to complete out their collections."

That last part is especially noteworthy. On March 31 2022, Mantic will no longer be selling any more The Walking Dead: All Out War content. Until then however, both the core set and the Here's Negan board game are on sale. If you are an avid collector or just a fan of The Walking Dead with an interest in this game, the clock is ticking.


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