USAopoly Announces Star Wars Card and Dice Game Dark Side Rising

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USAopoly Announces Star Wars Card and Dice Game Dark Side Rising

May 27, 2019

By: Jack Waibel


The OP and Disney Consumer Products UK have announced Star Wars: Dark Side Rising, a cooperative card and dice game set within the Star Wars universe.

2-4 players act as Rebel forces trying to prevent the completion of the first Death Star. Each player begins the game with their own board that indicates which Rebel cell—Intelligence, Leadership, Support or Tactical—they are leading. Players must work together to organize their cells, direct the Rebel forces, and recruit familiar Star Wars characters to halt the Empire's plans. They are of course opposed by the one and only Darth Vader—represented by a custom-sculpted 3D bust—who can defeat the Rebels by either completing the Death Star or eliminating enough Rebel assets. The game is inspired by the events leading up to and through Episode IV: A New Hope and includes characters even from outside the original trilogy like Cassian Andor and Hera Syndulla.

Tony Serebriany, The OP's Director of Investor Relations and International Sales said,

Star Wars: Dark Side Rising is a best-in-class cooperative tabletop game that will keep players at the edge of their seats. As our first game designed specifically for the EMEA regions, approachability had to be one of the foundational design pillars. Star Wars: Dark Side Rising requires strategic thinking but scales in difficulty, making it accessible yet challenging and fun for gamers of all experience levels.
The game supports 2-4 players aged 10+ with an expected session time of about 45 minutes. It will be released in EMEA regions this fall for an MSRP of $49.95. For now, you can view the game's product page to learn more details and eventually check retail store availability. Though this will be The OP's (formerly known as USAopoly) first real crack at the Star Wars license, the company has previously published games featuring the Marvel and Disney licenses.
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