Unleash Your Winner Dragon With these New D&D Draconic Options

Published: April 14, 2021 3:31 PM /



Have you been looking to liven up your roleplaying group? Are some of your players dragging their feet? Have you been unimpressed with Dungeons and Dragons 5e interpretation of Dragonborn to date? Well, then the newest Dungeons and Dragons unearthed arcana, called Draconic Options, might be exactly what you are looking for.

Available online for free, Draconic Options is a playtest material for Dungeons and Dragons 5e and starts off with several racial options, with three new Dragonborn Races (based on chromatic, metallic, or gem typing), and a new take on the Kobold that ties in closer to dragons. Beyond race, characters can also look at the new feats, as there are three new feats. Titled Gift of Chromatic Dragon, Gift of Metallic Dragon, and Gift of Gem Dragon, these feats give a character a couple of abilities that tie into that type of dragon. For example Gift of Chromatic Dragon gives you the ability to resist elemental damages, and infuse a weapon with an element, while Metallic Dragon gives you access to Cure Wounds, and the ability to manifest protective wings.


There are even more goodies in the unearthed arcana for playtesters as there are seven new spells, ranging from 2nd level up through 7th. The spells are: Icingdeath's Frost (Sorc, Wiz), Nathair's Mischief (Bard, Sorc, Wiz), Flame Stride (Artificer, Ranger, Sorc, Wiz), Raulothim's Psychic Lance (Bard, Sorc, Warlock, Wiz), Summon Draconic Spirit (Druid, Sorc, Wiz), Fizban's Platinum Shield (Sorc, Wiz), and Draconic Transformation (Druid, Sorc, Wiz).

All-in all, if you want to go channel your inner dragon there are some interesting things here to play with. You can find them here on the Wizard's website. In the near future, they say they'll be adding a playtest survey, so if you do play with them make sure to share your draconic experience so others can learn from it - you're supposed to hoard gold, not memories.

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