Unfinity Sticker Card Effects Revealed

Ahead of the release of Magic The Gathering's wacky comedy set, Unfinity, Mark Rosewater previewed new changes it would bring, including rules based around stickers.

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Last November, Magic: The Gathering's Lead Designer, Mark Rosewater, opened up about the upcoming set, Unfinity. In keeping with other similar sets throughout the popular card game's history, the set is designed to be more experimental and farcical in nature both in tone and in game terms. There's a reason why, delays caused by COVID-19 notwithstanding, these sets are usually released close to April Fool's Day after all. Now, Rosewater has provided new information about the set, including its new unique selling point: Unfinity stickers.

A sticker sheet from the Magic set, Unfinity
Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast

How Will Unfinity Sticker Effects Work?

Rosewater goes into further detail about Unfinity sticker effects in an official Tumblr post. In the post, Rosewater mentioned that back every single booster of Unfinity would contain 14 cards as well as an additional play object. That play object is a sticker sheet which contains different kinds of stickers. These include three art stickers, two ability stickers, and two power/toughness stickers. There will be 48 different sticker sheets distributed across all of Unfinity's boosters, containing different words, phrases, and artwork, although some power/toughness values will be repeated.

These Unfinity stickers are tied to a new resource called Tickets. These work similarly to counters; they are added to the battlefield by certain card effects or abilities. If you can spend the ticket cost, you can then take one of the stickers from your sheet and apply it to a card of your choice. This can be done to modify certain card abilities, descriptions, and even give creatures new power/toughness values. For example, Exalted is effective, but applying a second "Exalted" sticker will apply the effect twice.

There are a few rules and clarifications regarding Unfinity stickers. First, a creature can only have one active power/toughness combo at any given time. A sticker can only overwrite the current value. Second, the adjusted card effects remain on the cards as long as they are on the battlefield, in the graveyard, or exiled. However, if a card with stickers on it is sent to your hand or library, the stickers are removed from the card and go back to the sticker sheet. These stickers will not damage your cards since they use a reusable adhesive similar to Post-It Notes. Finally, all cards that utilize Unfinity stickers are eternal playable, which means they are perfectly usable in Commander, Vintage, and Legacy play. In this format, if you are playing constructed, you bring ten unique sticker sheets then select three to use at the start of each game. If you are playing booster draft, you simply keep the sticker sheets you open.

A handful of new cards from Magic's Unfinity Set
Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast.

What Are Some of the Cards That Use Unfinity Sticker Effects?

In a follow-up post, Rosewater highlighted several cards that will use these new Unfinity sticker effects revealed during an SDCC panel. These include comedic spells like the Animate Object, a Sorcery which reads, "You get seven <tickets>. Choose an inanimate object you control from outside the game. Put a power and toughness sticker on it. You may also put a name sticker, an art sticker, and/or an ability sticker on it. Put it into the battlefield as a creature." Or the Legendary Creature Angelic Harold with the effect of, "Each creature you control with three or more words in its name gets +1/+1." In addition, the post gives some examples of the different Unfinity sticker sheets. Curiously, one of the stickers cited includes the Infect status effect, which was last used in the New Phyrexia set.

Unfinity is expected to release worldwide on October 7th, 2022.

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