Undaunted Sequel Releasing Next Year

The WW2 deck-building game, Undaunted is getting a confirmed follow-up developed by the original creators and published by Osprey Games

Published: September 20, 2021 3:59 PM /


The box art for the WW2 board game, Undaunted

The world of tabletop gaming was given something new to look forward to confirmation of a follow-up to the WW2 deck-building game Undaunted.

The news came from an interview with Wargamer. Undaunted's lead developers, Trevor Benjamin and David Thompson, talked with the outlet about their deck-building game as well as the sequel expansions that have come out since. Undaunted combines creating a deck made up of resources and weapons, map tiles, and soldier miniatures to win decisive battles based on World War 2.

The first game that was released was Undaunted: Normandy in 2019, which focuses on the historically famous D-Day. Following that was Undaunted: North Africa, covering the African front naturally, which was released in 2020. Curiously, that same game introduced tanks into the core gameplay. The third release, simply titled Undaunted: Reinforcements is a modular expansion for both Normandy and North Africa set to release next month. The expansion will include new units, scenarios, a brand new four-player mode, and a solo variant designed by artists David Digby and David Turczi.

The map set up for Undaunted
This is definitely more in-depth than a normal deck-building game.

As the interview continued, Benjamin and Thompson talked vaguely about what the follow-up release would include. They mentioned that all of the releases have a predictable pipeline; that a new release would come up for the game once a year. They also expressed just how substantial the next release would be for Undaunted. It would be the largest addition in terms of scope and scale. Thompson stated, "But also from a design complexity perspective, it pushed us in new ways that we had never been pushed before," he continued, "People have always asked us what’s coming with Undaunted, and Trevor and I have zero interest in re-theming it with very little change - that’s not interesting at all to us. So it has to be meaningfully different, and this is definitely meaningfully different.”

Both Thompson and Benjamin have confirmed that the completed version of this sequel's design has already been sent to publisher Osprey Games. If all goes well, it will release next year.

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