Two New Raging Heroes Kickstarters On The Horizon

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In a recent Kickstarter campaign update for their latest Toughest Girls of the Galaxy model line, Raging Heroes let everyone in on a little secret: the company will be launching two additional crowdfunding campaigns within the next six months.

The first Kickstarter will focus entirely on scenery and terrain, working to bring the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy world to life. As of this writing, the company hasn’t released any pertinent information or images aside from a couple of cardboard mockups. While this generally isn’t much to go off of, even with these early images you can clearly see the art-deco feel coming together. This, combined with the already incredibly high standard set by their existing model line is enough to set expectations very high.

Even at this rough planning stage, you can clearly see the overall theme coming together very nicely.

When your mock-ups look grim and imposing, you know you're on the right track.

The second campaign will be the third, and most likely final, Toughest Girls of the Galaxy crowdfunding effort. Raging Heroes has stated that the third campaign is currently slated to have fewer miniatures than previous campaigns, due to the fact that the company has finally begun serious work on creating their first Toughest Girls of the Galaxy miniature game.

The company’s first foray into actual games will initially have a sci-fi setting featuring their current science fiction army lineups (Iron Empire, Jailbirds, Kurganova Shock Troops, Sisters of Eternal Mercy, Lust Elves, and Void Elves) with a fantasy-themed game following at a later date. According to the Kickstarter update, the terrain Kickstarter will launch first, with the TGG3 campaign following shortly afterwards during the winter season.

And in order to help build hype, Raging Heroes has released several large army packs for their current sci-fi armies ranging from small starter forces to full-blown armies to make sure you have plenty of time to build, prime, paint, get distracted by other models, come back, get distracted again, and finally finish just in time for the TGG game to arrive at your doorstep. The company is also offering free shipping (very useful for Raging Heroes fans in the US) until October 2nd.

I don't care who you are, that mech looks absolutely amazing.


This army pack, running $335 USD, is still an excellent deal considering just how much stuff you're getting with it

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