TTRPGs For Trans Rights Bundle Now On Sale

Published: March 4, 2022 2:28 PM /


Official promotional material for the TTRPGs for Trans Rights bundle

If you've been following current events in U.S. politics, chances are you have heard of the discriminatory directives aimed at transgender citizens taking place in the state of Texas. To briefly summarize, Texas Governor Greg Abbott have informed various state agencies to investigate the parents of transgender children undergoing gender-affirming treatments and to treat such actions as a form of child abuse. This is coupled with other forms of anti-trans legislation that have passed banning trans kids from playing on sports teams that match their gender expression, banning or refusing medical treatment to those in the transgender community, and a collection of other discriminatory acts under the guise of protecting said children. In response to such directives, hundreds of creatives in the tabletop industry have come to make their voices heard, courtesy of the TTRPGs For Trans Rights Bundle now available on Itch.

The TTRPGs For Trans Rights Bundle is exactly what it sounds like. By paying as little as $5 you can buy a bundle packed with TTRPG books, scenarios, adventures, and one-off rules. If the bundle reaches its intended goal of $150,000 by April 5, all of the books will be available to each individual buyer as downloadable PDFs. The bundle includes 493 different creative works and include small independent projects like Turtlebun's Noirlandia RPG, the wilderness horror setting Into The Wyrd and Wild for 5e Dungeons & Dragons, Jeff Stormer's more comedic Jonathan Frakes Wants Your Attention And You Must Not Give It To Him, and the most high profile project of the bundle by far: Evil Hat Productions' Thirsty Sword Lesbians. Overall, you are paying at least $5 to get $2,818 worth of TTRPG material. That is 99% of savings.


As for where the proceeds for the TTRPGs For Trans Rights Bundle is going towards, the Itch page was quite transparent:

In response to Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Attorney General Office's transphobic declarations, we have brought together all of these games in support of trans rights.

Trans children are extremely vulnerable, and the actions of the Texas government will put them and any supportive loved ones in danger. Providing funds to trans advocacy groups and support networks helps keep trans folx afloat in Texas.

Proceeds from this bundle will be split between two organizations: Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT) and Organización Latina de Trans en Texas (OLTT). TENT supports gender diverse equality in Texas through educational efforts on an individual, community, corporate, and legislative level. They also provide emergency relief fund grants to trans people in need.

Organización Latina de Trans en Texas is a trans-centered, trans-run nonprofit that focuses on creating safe spaces for trans, gender non-conforming, and intersex Texans. They provide shelter space, both long and short term residences, gender and name change legal aid, and other community building services for trans people.

While the current cultural landscape has been dominated by matters concerning the Ukraine, the plight of the transgender community in Texas must not be overlooked. For those of the tabletop community that wishes to support this cause and be exposed to this vibrant, creative side of the hobby need only open their hearts and their wallets.



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