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In response to ongoing activities by children's author JK Rowling, a group of indie TTRPG developers have released the Trans Witches Are Witches bundle on

Published: February 10, 2023 4:02 PM /


The logo for the Trans Witches are Witches bundle

With the release of Hogwarts Legacy, the gaming community has been embroiled in discourse. The bulk of the discussion is between discussing the open-world adventure on its own merits and reconciling the game as another part of author JK Rowling's very public campaigns against the LGBT+ community, This has led to members of the community coordinating boycotts or even just telling trans allies to buy something else. And members of the TTRPG community have come together once more in protest with their Trans Witches are Witches bundle.

The Trans Witches are Witches bundle announcement

According to the store page, the Trans Witches are Witches bundle contains $300 worth of games, zines, and music all created by LGBT+ developers. As for the cause this bundle is supporting, it is explicitly in protest of both the problematic subject matter seen in Hogwarts Legacy, the performative spite-buying of the game by outspoken pundits, and to promote and support independent creatives. The bundle page even cites various news stories and current events to illustrate their intentions. These links include Harry Potter author JK Rowling's repeated transphobic commentary and activism against trans rights, and the antisemitic portrayals of goblins.

As for what is in the Trans Witches are Witches bundle, there's a healthy mix of material. There are small PC games such as the visual novel Do I Pass? and To The Wolves. and Polymute. As for zine TTRPGs, they range from the dark and moody Mystic Lillies, to the GM-less language exercise Spoken Words. There''s also Let's Rob RJ McElhenny and Steal Her Golden Quill, a very on the nose RPG about "wizard crime and bad authors."

There are two different payment options for the Trans Witches are Witches bundle. First is the standard bundle, which buys you $308 worth of material for $60. Alternatively, there is the Apprentice Edition bundle, which includes $272 worth of material for about $10. All proceeds from this bundle will be distributed evenly between all creators featured. The bundle will be available from February 10 until February 24.

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