Total War: Rome Board Game Expansions Teased

While the official Total War: Rome board game hasn't been released yet, the developers already have a road map for additional army packs and expansions

Published: September 29, 2021 4:00 PM /


Rome Total War Board Game Box Art

More news has come out regarding the development of the Total War: Rome board game. It's not a release date, but an announcement of even more content to follow.

In an interview with Wargamer, designer Simon Hall spoke about how additional expansions and army packs were in development for the game. While the base version of the Total War: Rome board game will still focus on Western Europe, Hall confirmed that these expansions will expand this map and introduce additional army factions, all of which can help expand a campaign beyond the ancient Roman Empire.

Hall elaborated further, stating, "If you take the map we’ve got and just shunt your way across to the eastern map, you’ve got the perfect thing to do Greece Total War because it really is the path of Alexander. You’ve got Macedon and the successors - Bactria, Parthia, India, Egypt, Persia, and everything on the other side. So we’ve another eight nations just doing those." Hall continued to speculate how one map expansion can even extend to Britannia, allowing you to play out theaters of war with the Romans and various tribes native there like the northern Picts and the Iceni.

The world map from a Total War Rome PC game
Pretty sure this is going to take a bigger table to represent properly.

He even teased an expansion for what he calls a "barbarian version" of the Total War: Rome board game where the Roman Empire splits into Eastern and Western nations, foreshadowing the beginning of the Byzantine Empire, and the introduction of additional factions like the Goths, the Visigoths, Huns, and the Moors.

Hall was quick to alleviate worries about where the development team's priorities are. As great as this sounds for fans of the franchise, the Kickstarter campaign for the base version of the Total War: Rome board game hasn't even gone live yet after all. It would be bad if all of this effort and forward planning fell apart because they didn't work on the core foundation after all. In the interview, Hall said, "I’m a big believer in not racing ahead of yourself too much, so my top priority, more than pushing some of those things forward, is to get the base game and the main extensions really well-calibrated."

As for the exact price, release date, and size of these expansions, there's a fair chance that will be revealed when the crowdfunding project for the Total War: Rome board game officially begins either later this year or in early 2022.

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