Tonight Critical Role asks How Do You Want To Do This, Stephen Colbert?

Tonight Stephen Colbert joins the Mighty Nein for a charity one-shot tonight. Donations have influenced some special rules and conditions.

Published: April 28, 2022 12:03 PM /


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Stephen Colbert is once again poised to break out a set of dice and play Dungeons & Dragons with Matthew Mercer, CCO and Game Master of Critical Role, as part of their Red Nose Day How Do You Want To Do This, Stephen Colbert? Mercer and Colbert will be joined by Critical Role cast members Ashley Johnson, Marisha Ray, and Sam Riegel on this adventure airing on Critical Role's Twitch channel tonight, April 28th, at 7 pm Pacific.

Unlike last time in 2019 during the Choose Stephen Colbert's Adventure campaign this time Colbert will be joined by a party of seasoned players at the table. Johnson, Ray, and Riegel will be reprising their roles as members of the Mighty Nein. Yasha, Beau, and Nott will be returning as level 5 characters, but for fans of the show will be a welcome sight to behold.

As part of the donation-taking process of raising money to help end child poverty and ensure healthy living for children, fans of Critical Role have been able to influence the campaign and create a set of special conditions for the game. The conditions that were voted on are as follows:

  1. Have a bee (Eric the 2nd, following his father's footsteps) that travels with him
  2. Be able to cast Polymorph ONCE during the adventure, regardless of class and level (but it has a small chance of going wrong) 
  3. Need to recover his dignity that has been taken from him
  4. Start his journey with a living weapon that despises violence

So far the Critical Role Foundation's current Red Nose Day campaign has contributed $117K with more donations coming in by the day. If you're interested in donating you still can. If you're looking for some content to watch to lead up to tonight's stream then be sure to check out the original Stephen Colbert's D&D Adventure with Matthew Mercer from Red Nose Day 2019.

How Do You Want To Do This, Stephen Colbert? will air on at 7pm Pacific on April 28th. If you're not able to watch it live there will be a VOD available on Critical Role's YouTube channel on April 29th at 9am Pacific.

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