Time Traveling Time Chase and Artsy Artsee Board Games Coming Soon

Published: April 4, 2019 4:44 PM /


Time Chase

Renegade Game Studios, the makers of the acclaimed Clank! series of board games has just announced two new small box games hitting shelves later this year, Time Chase and Artsee.

Time Chase puts players in the role of a scientist who has just discovered time travel. The villains they're fending off? Rival scientists who want to use their discovery to travel back in time themselves and claim credit for the invention. Designed by Jonathan Woodard, Time Chase is a trick-taking game (Ala Hearts, Bridge, or Wizard), but the big twist here is that players can travel back in time to previous tricks in an attempt to gain cards that were previously collected by other players.

Time Chase can accommodate three to six players (that three number is interesting, as most trick-taking games require four players), plays in thirty minutes, and should be coming to stores in August.

As mentioned above, Renegade Game Studios also announced the upcoming release of Artsee, an engine-building, set collection game set in the art world. Designed by J. Alex Kevern, Artsee puts players into the role of curators at museums, and it's up to them to stock their museums with pieces of art based on what the crowds want to see. If they do well enough, they'll be able to exhibit masterpieces (I spy visual nods to The Mona Lisa and Picasso's Guernica on the wall, among others).

Artsee is for two to five players, and also plays in thirty minutes. This is set for release in the fall of this year.

Quick Take

I'm really excited to check out Time Chase, as I was a big fan of Renegade Game Studios' The Fox in the Forest, a two-player trick-taking game that did a great job of balancing depth and complexity with ease of play. Now that they've added a time travel element to trick taking, it'll be exciting to see how much it shifts the nature of the genre.

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