Super Mario Themed Board Game Coming Soon

Published: April 7, 2017 4:00 PM /


Super Mario Level Up! Board Game

USAopoly has announced a Super Mario themed board game that will be available in North America. Called Super Mario Level Up! Board Game, the video game inspired tabletop game features Mario and his friends as they race against one another to the castle at the top of a hill. Collecting coins, finding items in blocks and avoiding enemies are all features from the Nintendo games that will be represented in the board game.

Super Mario Level Up! Board Game

Super Mario Level Up! Board Game is set in the Mushroom Kingdom and will include 13 different familiar characters from the franchise to play as.  For ages 8 and up and accommodating 3-6 players, the game will feature family friendly competitive gameplay. Listed at $19.95 MSRP it will include a 3D game board, power up cards and “?” block chips.

The goal of the game is to collect as many coins as possible while racing to be the first one to the castle. Along the way players can unlock “?” block chips that will hold perks or punishments that can level up your team or set you behind. Find trademark mushrooms, super stars or flowers hidden behind the blocks to level you up. Yet be wary of Goombas, Koopa Shells and “Bullet Bill” which may be waiting to send you down a level.

Other players will be able to sabotage you as well as you race up the 3D game board. Power Up Cards are a sure fire way to get an advantage. Players will also use Line Up Cards to determine which characters you want to level up and Vote Up Cards to cast your opinion, “yes!” or “no!”.

Super Mario Level Up! Board Game

The simple objective of collecting coins and moving up the levels to the castle of the Mushroom Kingdom is made more complex as you try and avoid enemies and your fellow players. Super Mario Level Up! Board Game will be available to purchase soon in the United States and Canada.

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