Steamforged Games Announce Dark Souls TTRPG Reprint

Steamforged Games, the developer behind the Dark Souls TTRPG, have officially announced a reprint of the book, both physical and digital

Published: May 23, 2022 2:09 PM /


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Last December, Steamforged Games announced that they would be releasing an official TTRPG adaptation of the beloved dark fantasy RPG series, Dark Souls. Collector's editions were announced shortly after. But when early adopters got a look at what was contained within the pages of this RPG, they were left both frustrated and confused by its vague rules and inconsistent word use. In response to this, Steamforged Games stated that they would be taking all feedback to heart. Now, they have announced a Dark Souls TTRPG reprint for both physical and digital versions of the game.

How do I get the Dark Souls TTRPG Reprint?

The announcement of this Dark Souls TTRPG reprint comes from Steamforged Games' official website. According to the post, the team has been working on a revised PDF of the core rulebook. If you pre-ordered the game from Steamforged Games' website, this new version of the book will be sent to you automatically once it is available. Alternatively, if you purchased the core rulebook PDF through a third-party retailer, you can obtain the new version through Bits and Mortar.

In addition to changes coming to the PDF, the Dark Souls TTRPG reprint is happening for both standard and collector's editions of the physical book. These new books will be available this October via both Steamforged's website as well as third party retailers. If you bought the book directly from Steamforged, you simply need to file a request for a replacement thanks to a provided link. But, if you live in the US there is no need to fill out a form; a replacement copy will be mailed to you automatically. Unfortunately, if you bought a physical copy through a third-party retailer, the best you can do is simply return the book and request a refund.

While it is not clear just how much the Dark Souls TTRPG reprint will change from its original version, it is a testament to Steamforged Games' desire to produce authentic licensed products. While it is true you only get one shot at a first impression, whether or not these changes will resonate with fans remains to be seen.

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