Steamforged Announces Sea of Thieves Voyage of Legends

Tabletop developer Steamforged Games have announced another tabletop adaptation of a high profile videogame. Now, you can explore the high seas with Sea of Thieves Voyage of Legends

Published: March 8, 2023 2:59 PM /


The title of Sea of Thieves Voyage of Legends on a stylized background depicting a pirate ship battle.

Tabletop adaptations of popular video games continue their rising popularity. Just recently, board game adaptations of the survival horror series Stalker and the popular battle royale Apex Legends have been announced as well as the crowdfunding success of a Homeworld board game. Now, one of the biggest names in high-profile adaptation, Steamforged Games has announced Sea of Thieves Voyage of Legends.

The announcement of Sea of Thieves Voyage of Legends

Sea of Thieves Voyage of Legends was announced through Steamforged Games' Twitter account. The tweet contained a small trailer, showing off a stylishly animated treasure map followed by the game's title. No release date or price was announced, however, the following tweet confirmed the game would be coming to retail and that fans would not have to wait too long. The tweet also contains a link to their website where you can sign up for their newsletter to stay updated.

Steamforged Games stands out as a tabletop developer thanks to its bespoke approach to adapting videogame properties. Its work started with the successfully crowdfunded Dark Souls: The Board Game and has gone on to successfully adapt many beloved properties including Horizon Zero Dawn, Devil May Cry, and the MMORPG Runescape. All of these adaptations are characterized by authentic game mechanics that capture the essence of their respective properties as well as highly detailed plastic miniatures. With this history, Sea of Thieves Voyage of Legends has the potential to continue this tradition.

As for the source material itself, Sea of Thieves can easily fit into a tabletop experience. Developed by Rare and published by Microsoft in 2018, Sea of Thieves is an online game where players take on the role of pirates. You assemble a crew, get a ship, and go on adventures looking for treasure. All the while the game is presented in a stylized light-hearted art style with some sinister supernatural elements. One of its notable content updates included a crossover with the Disney property, Pirates of the Caribbean, in 2021.

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