Starfinder Minis Kickstarter Launched by Paizo and Ninja Division

Published: September 27, 2017 1:30 PM /


Starfinder Miniatures headliner

Today, Paizo Games and Ninja Division Publishing have announced a new line of high-quality resin miniatures for the new Paizo Starfinder Roleplaying Game.

This Kickstarter is offering an exclusive miniature for those backing it, as well as limited edition Kickstarter versions, and some other limited edition miniatures. There are two options for backers of this campaign - the adventure pledge level, and the more robust campaign pledge level. Both feature access to the same quality minis, including the exclusive Seelah the Paladin, and two of Ninja Division's own characters cosplaying as characters from Starfinder with adventurers Candy and Cola cosplaying as an Envoy and Mechanic respectively. There's also the Space Goblins making a particularly apt crossover appearance. These special ones are included in all adventure and campaign pledges and are a campaign exclusive.

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Other inclusions in the campaign feature Legacy Heroes, making use of the classic races of Pathfinder, which are generally background races in the Starfinder RPG but possible to play as and continue adventuring with. Half-Orc and Dwarf Soldiers equipped with energy weapons of the future, Halfling Pilots guiding ships through interstellar space, Elf and Half-Elf Operatives stealthily and scoundrelly searching for answers or their next bit of wealth, and Gnome Mystics focusing on using magic. Like the Ninja Division ones, the Legacy Heroes are in everyone's pledge set, and are a campaign exclusive.

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Beyond hero miniatures, the campaign is also producing miniatures for encounter slots, monsters, and fleets, with all the options revealed throughout the campaign. Encounter sets are a group of aligned creatures the players may face off against like three drow hunters and a drow arms dealer, mixing hero-like characters and creatures. Creatures are monsters or specific enemies like special security robots or beings like the Garaggakal. Fleets bring together a set of ships in the style of a set like the Corpse Fleet or the Pact Worlds Fleet.

One interesting thing about the campaign is that there aren't pre-determined combinations, instead, what level you pledge at gives you a number of choice spots you will be able to fill in with whatever you like. This Adventure level pledges (costing $100) get 6 Hero Slots and 4 Encounter Slots to fill in their pledge, while Campaign pledges (costing $180) get a much larger 12 Heroes, 6 encounters, 4 creature, and 2 fleet slots.

Right now the Starfinders Miniature collection is seeking $50k on Kickstarter over the next 20 and is targeting delivery to begin by May 2018. You can learn more over on their Kickstarter page.

What do you think of this Kickstarter campaign? Are you interested in Starfinder minis? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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