Artwork from Sol: Last Days of a Star featuring solar energy being harvested

Sol: Last Days of a Star Getting A Reprint

Published: December 7, 2022 3:29 PM



The sci-fi board game Sol: Last Days of a Star is getting a reprint. The tabletop industry deals with its own unique challenges when it comes to preservation. While various TTRPGs have gotten a second life thanks to digital distribution platforms, various board games are difficult to preserve, either due to general obscurity or various rights issues. Or, in the case of this sci-fi board game, some people missed out on its initial printing.

The board set up for Sol: Last Days of a Star
Let's see who survives this collapse.

The Sol: Last Days of a Star reprint campaign

The Sol: Last Days of a Star reprint campaign being held on Kickstarter by the original developers. Elephant Laboratories published the original run of the game thanks to a successful campaign in August of 2017. As the name implies, the game has 1-5 players trying desperately to harvest and utilize solar energy in order to escape their dying solar system. But since the very infrastructure of harvest solar energy leads to the collapse of their central star, this turns into a nail-biting race against time.


The reprint of Sol: Last Days of a Star will include all of the stretch goals from the original campaign. This includes quality wooden tokens, mothership miniature game pieces, and an extensive Mythos Book that provides lore for the dying solar system. However, if you are already own a copy of the game, this campaign does include something new: a custom wooden insert to aid with storage and set up. It's even listed in the different backer tiers, which are as follows:

  • Sundiver for $25: A single custom wooden insert
  • Mothership for $65: A copy of Sol: Last Days of a Star
  • Ark for $85: A copy of Sol and a custom wooden insert
  • Star for $260: Four copies of Sol
  • Galaxy for $340: Four copies of Sol and four custom wooden inserts

At time of writing, the Sol: Last Days of a Star reprint campaign has $86,166 funded, fulfilling its goal of $60,000. The campaign concludes on January 3.


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