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Shipping Issues Cause SolForge Fusion Release Delay

October 6, 2022 3:05 PM

By: Andrew Stretch


The only things constant in life are Death, Taxes, and that game you want to play getting delayed by shipping. Today Stone Blade Entertainment has announced that their upcoming Hybrid Deck Game SolForge Fusion will be having its release date pushed back. Originally planning on releasing next week on Thursday, October 13th this SolForge Fusion release delay will push back the time when players can look to get their hands on the product by a further two weeks.

The new release date for SolForge Fusion is October 27th. In the statement released via Twitter Stone Blade Entertainment explains that the containers of SolForge Fusion "have been stuck in a train station in Saint Paul for over two weeks, along with 500 other containers." These kinds of shipping delays aren't unheard of as we've seen products such as Magic The Gathering's Unfinity line be delayed, crowdfunding websites implement shipping price protection, and even physical hardware for video games like the Analogue Pocket be delayed multiple times. As SolForge Fusion is stuck in the middle of the shipping process there's nothing that can be done to alter or speed up the process.




Due to the nature of this delay, and how out of the hands of the publisher it is, there is an added warning too that there's no way they can ensure that this delay won't be the last. If there are any further delays then they will of course be announced as they become aware of them.

SolForge Fusion Release Support

There is some positive conversation in the message in the form of what plans Stone Blade Entertainment has to ensure the game receives plenty of support once it does release. They have partnered with hundreds of hobby and gaming stores to have a structure in place for organized play. This won't just be limited to small shop tournaments but will also include a variety of exclusives.


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