Saloon Tycoon Kickstarter Funded in 3 Days

Published: February 20, 2016 8:46 AM /


Saloon Tycoon Kickstarter

Saloon Tycoon, the latest tabletop game from Van Ryder Games where you try to build the best Saloon in the Wild West, has launched their Kickstarter and reached their $20,000 goal on the third day. TechRaptor previewed Saloon Tycoon on the day before the Kickstarter's launch.

In Saloon Tycoon you play as one of 2-4 players competing to build the best saloon. Players will largely spend their turns building up rooms in their Saloon and trying to interfere with the other players through the use of Tycoon Cards. There are also quests called "Claim" cards that influence the way the game is played out. Claims include objectives such as building four of the same room or hoarding a certain amount of Gold Nuggets by the end of the game. The player who accumulates the most Reputation points through building and other means wins the game.

The game will ship with one of two versions depending on which Pledge level the backers choose. The $40 Citizen Pledge will secure backers a copy of the game as well as all of the Stretch goals. The $70 Outlaw Pledge will include Fool's Gold nuggets in a burlap bag and two additional boards to hold the Supply Cubes and Fool's Gold tokens for the game.

The Stretch Goals will improve the copy of the game for anyone who purchases it. The Stretch Goals include upgrading the cardboard Gold Nugget tokens to yellow acrylic nuggets, increasing the quality of the tiles in various ways, and adding new room tiles to the game. The final Stretch Goal currently listed will be a mini-expansion that will be revealed as previous Stretch goals are reached.

In addition to the standard fare of Stretch Goals and Kickstarter exclusives, the Saloon Tycoon Kickstarter will also be using something Van Ryder Games has dubbed "The HUBS Concept" as an option for shipping the game. People who participate in HUBS will be able to pick up their order at a centralized location rather than have it shipped to their home. Shipping to one location as opposed to many locations is cheaper, and the savings from this experimental shipping option will be passed on to people who participate in HUBS. Backers who would otherwise prefer the game be shipped to their home can still elect to do so at the normal shipping cost.

At the time of this writing, Saloon Tycoon has reached $20,072 of its $20,000 funding goal with 24 days remaining. Van Ryder Games has previously completed 5 separate Kickstarter campaigns successfully which included the titles Hostage Negotiator, Tessenand If I'm Going Down.

What do you think of the HUBS Concept detailed in the Saloon Tycoon Kickstarter? Does this look like the style of game you'd be interested in? Let us know in the comments below!

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