Sailor Moon Crystal Tabletop Games Coming From Japanime Games This Year

Published: April 26, 2019 6:30 PM /



Today, Japanime Games announced that they will be teaming up with Dyskami Publishing to release several tabletop games based on the hit anime Sailor Moon in 2019 and beyond.  Games released via this partnership will include the third season of the Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge game, the tile passing game Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff, and several untitled products that will see release later in 2019 and into 2020.

Sailor Moon Crystal Dice Challenge see players choosing one of 24 characters from the series, then battling it out with their opponent across several rounds of dice rolling. The player who comes out on top gains a victory point, while the loser powers up for another fight another game in a best three out of five format. Sailor Moon Crystal Truth or Bluff has players passing tiles that represent one of 96 characters from the franchise around the table while gaining success point and avoiding triggering one of ten different game ending scenarios. Whoever triggers the game's end condition loses, while the player with the most success tokens wins.


In a press release provided by Japanime Games, Dyskami Publishing Company President, Mark MacKinnon. had the following to say about working with Japanime games and the release of their new games "We are delighted to partner with such a well-respected company as Japanime Games to help bring our line of Sailor Moon Crystal board and dice games to a much wide audience.” he would go on to remark. “Working with the Japanime Games team will allow us to focus more on the creation of great new Sailor Moon Crystal games, while simultaneously offering enhanced customer service and communication. Everyone wins with this partnership.”

One of the most well-known series in the Magical Girl genre, Sailor Moon began as a manga in 1991. It would later be adapted into a TV anime by Toei Animation, the studio behind such hit anime as Dragon Ball Z and Digimon, a live-action TV series, several movies, and even a number of stage plays. An updated version of the anime that told a story truer to the original manga known as Sailor Moon Crystal aired in 2015. The games mentioned in this article are based on this version of the property.

Have you ever played Sailor Moon Dice challenge and are looking forward to the game's third season, or are you simply a fan of the franchise in general? Lets us know in the comments below.

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