Roll20 and DMs Guild Partnership Announced

The virtual tabletop Roll20 has officially partnered with DMs Guild, allowing more community created content on the service

Published: June 27, 2022 2:07 PM /


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When it comes to TTRPGs, the community has plenty of options for how they want to play. In addition to physical tables with sheets and dice, there are virtual tabletop programs. The most popular virtual tabletop is Roll20 thanks to its wide selection of content across many different TTRPGs, its dedicated use of sensitivity tools, and the ease of which players can import images and resources for their games. Now, Roll20 has officially announced a partnership with DMs Guild, the official community content platform for Dungeons and Dragons.

What Does The Roll20 DMs Guild Partnership Mean?

According to an official press release by OneBookShelf, the DMs Guild partnership with Roll20 will allow content creators on DMs Guild to provide official assets on the official tabletop to their users. This means if you buy supported content on DMs Guild, whether it's a new interpretation of a prewritten campaign like She Is The Ancient, a revised version of an established setting like The Doomed Forgotten Realms, or supplementary material like Journeys Beyond The Radiant Citadel, you will unlock those assets on Roll20 at no additional cost. Furthermore, if you are a DMs Guild creator worried about royalties when it comes to the use of your content on a different platform, OneBookShelf specified that all existing royalty-splits within the current system will be honored.

At Roll20 we have seen passionate support for DMsGuild content – from both our community
and our Creators – and we are thrilled to create a more seamless way to play that amazing
catalog of content online while expanding the possibilities for DMsGuild players and Creators - Emily Floyd, Licensing Director of Roll20

Overall, this DMs Guild partnership continues the convenience that Roll20 provides for players. While it is entirely possible to import self-made assets and rules into a campaign, it can be time-consuming for all players. With the inclusion of DMs Guild material as modules and add-ons, a full campaign module with all required material is now just a few clicks away. Furthermore, it partially addresses a critique of Roll20's service where players must "double-dip" or purchasing official modules and add-ons for the virtual tabletop while owning the material on a different platform.

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