Return to Dragonlance With New Novels in 2022

Published: December 17, 2021 2:49 PM /


Book cover art for the new novel, Dragons of Deceit by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

For older fans of Dungeons and Dragons, the world of Dragonlance holds a certain nostalgic appeal. While they started as a series of novels, they became inextricably tied to the iconic tabletop RPG thanks to official supplements and prewritten adventures. Now after some legal trouble, the original creators have officially announced a brand new trilogy of novels coming in 2022.

As mentioned before, the world of Dragonlance started with the original 1984 novel, Dragons of Autumn Twilight. It was published by TSR, the original creators of Dungeons and Dragons before the property was sold to Wizards of the Coast. This kicked off a trilogy of novels followed by official DnD material set in Dragonlance's setting of Krynn. Both the setting and its many vibrant characters are remembered fondly by fans and creators alike so much so that references and cameos continue all the way up to Fifth Edition.

While the pair have worked on other projects since then, including the troubled MMO Shroud of the Avatar and the successfully crowdfunded Skyraiders of Abarax, it wasn't until October 2020 that it was revealed that a new trilogy of Dragonlance novels were being published. But when Wizards of the Coast attempted to pull the plug on the project after approving the manuscript for the first novel, Weis and Hickman sued the company for a breach of contract, seeking $10 million in damages.

A screenshot of a tweet by Margaret Weis confirming the release date of Dragons of Deceit
And like that, a bunch of older fans lost their minds.

Now, after months of litigation, Margaret Weis has confirmed via tweet that the new Dragonlance trilogy is on its way. The first novel of this new trilogy, Dragons of Deceit, is set to release August 9th, 2022. It will be released through Del Rey Publishing, and is currently available for pre-order at local retailers and web stores. As for what characters would be returning or what the story would be, the only hint we have is from that same tweet by Weis. Quoting, "We’re returning to old friends while introducing a new heroine to the classic world of Dragonlance."