Restoration Games Applies For HeroQuest Legacies Trademark

Published: July 27, 2020 9:47 AM /


Influential board game HeroQuest, which may be getting a new instalment in HeroQuest Legacies

Restoration Games has filed a trademark under the name HeroQuest Legacies. The trademark covers "tabletop hobby battle games in the nature of battle, war, and skirmish games" and is likely to be a reboot or continuation of the classic 1980s HeroQuest board game.

What exactly is HeroQuest Legacies?

We don't actually know yet. Restoration Games is well-known for restoring classic games from bygone eras that have been out of print for some time. According to the company's "About" page, they "take the stuff we like and really make it the star" while "quietly [discarding] the outdated stuff that's not really working for us". As such, we can perhaps expect HeroQuest Legacies to be an updated version of HeroQuest that offers a twist on the classic dungeon crawler gameplay of the original. The "Legacies" part of the name also suggests Restoration wants to honor HeroQuest's history and perhaps create some variations on gameplay that take this history into account. It could also mean that whatever it is will use a legacy system, meaning an ongoing campaign could be in the cards.

WarhammerQuest, a spiritual successor to HeroQuest
WarhammerQuest is a spiritual successor to HeroQuest.

This news comes after many years of the HeroQuest IP lying dormant. HeroQuest was originally a collaboration between Games Workshop and Milton Bradley, and the modern WarhammerQuest line is intended as a spiritual successor to the original game. Games Workshop allowed the HeroQuest trademark to elapse, and it was then picked up by tabletop RPG designer Greg Stafford, who used it as the name of an RPG system. After Stafford's death in 2018, his IP were picked up by Moon Design Publications, who have since taken legal action against a HeroQuest board game.

Why is a new HeroQuest game coming now?

According to Reddit user corporat, Moon Design and Restoration could have made an agreement. HeroQuest, the tabletop RPG Stafford created, has been renamed to QuestWorlds, paving the way for a new HeroQuest board game. A sister RPG product, HeroQuest: Glorantha, was planned, but Moon Design has registered a trademark for the name Hero Wars, which was the name Stafford's RPG had before it was called HeroQuest. All signs point to Restoration Games having the rights to produce a HeroQuest board game, so whatever Legacies is, it's safe to get excited about it if you're a HeroQuest fan.

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