Privateer Press Announces The Undercity Adventure Board Game!

The Undercity is a brand-new game from Privateer Press that is set in the same universe as The Iron Kingdoms RPG, based on the D20 system.

Published: February 6, 2015 2:19 PM /


The Undercity Board Game Cover Art

Privateer Press has announced The Undercity: An Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game, an action-oriented, combat-focused, fully cooperative campaign-based game for four players. In the game, players will take on the role of one of four heroes; the Alchemist Milo Boggs, the Gunmage Canice Gormleigh, the Trollkin Warrior Gardek Stonebrow, and a Jack Marshall Mechanic Pog with his Warjack Doorstop.

What is The Undercity

A full campaign will last seven chapters, with each chapter consisting of a mission in which players will be attempting to accomplish various goals and objectives while fighting off numerous enemy characters. During the course of the campaign, characters will gain skills and abilities to help them better face more difficult challenges in further chapters.

Each character will also have a unique Feat! deck. The Feat! deck is where the characters' special abilities are found. Players will be able to play cards from their chosen character's Feat! deck in order to perform especially heroic actions. Each character also has a unique Ability deck. These Abilities help further differentiate the heroes from one another. Cards from this deck will be available to purchase, with XP earned from defeating enemies and accomplishing objectives. These Abilities are permanent upgrades that will stay with characters from chapter to chapter. Choices made on which Ability cards to purchase will help differentiate the characters between campaigns and will allow players to customize their chosen character to suit their play style.

For New and Old Fans Alike

Privateer Press hopes that fans of the existing Iron Kingdoms RPG and new fans will be drawn to The Undercity by including many of the things that RPG players enjoy, such as character customization, while keeping the game accessible to board gamers and other players that may not have any pen and paper RPG experience.

The game will come with nearly 40 miniatures consisting of 16 different sculpts.

Check out the first look video below.

The Undercity is scheduled for release in Fall 2015.

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