Power Rangers Deck Building Game Gets Zeo Expansion

Published: July 6, 2021 3:18 PM /


Box art for Power Rangers The Deck Building Game's Zeo expansion

It seems Renegade Game Studios has the magic touch when it comes to Power Rangers. The board game publisher responsible for the entertaining and competitive Power Rangers: The Deck Building Game have announced that a brand new expansion would be coming.

As stated in an official press release, the expansion is called Zeo: Stronger Than Before and revolves around characters from Power Rangers Zeo. Those playing as heroes will get access to new cards and characters of the Zeo Rangers with their own unique weapons, strategies, and Zords. Alternatively, those playing as villains will get to play with the might of the Machine Empire lead by King Mondo and his legions of mechanical foes. On top of all of that are new Zeo Sub-Crystal cards, powerful artifacts that can be obtained by either heroes or villains to enhance their forces. This expansion will add over 175 cards to Power Rangers: The Deck Building Game including new weapons, attacks and strategies. You do not need to have the base game to enjoy this expansion, it can be played by itself completely out of the box.


If you do want to secure your copy, there is a pre-order bonus included. Reserve your copy from Renegade Studios' webstore and you'll get Bonus Pack #2 which will include additional cards. In this case, you'll gain access to the villain cards of General Venjix as well as two alternate hit point and energy trackers for your games. Bear in mind this promo only seems to be available in US and may not be available in all regions.

Cards showing General Venjix
Is that Serpentera? Bought.

So far, this is continuation of Renegade Game Studios' excellent support of the Power Rangers license. In addition to their excellent co-op board game, Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid which has just successfully crowdfunded its third big box expansion, they are also closely working with Hasbro on a tabletop RPG based on the license using the 5e OGL.

Zeo: Stronger Than Before will be available in September 2021 for the retail price of $45.



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