Portal Games announce New Imperial Settlers Expansion

Published: April 4, 2016 5:18 PM /


Imperial Settlers 1

Polish publisher Portal Games have announced the second expansion for Imperial Settlers - 3 Is A Magic Number. This newest Empire Pack introduces an all new mechanic and cards to supplement to all five Factions currently available for Imperial Settlers. This expansion will be released on 25th May worldwide and shall sell for $16 or roughly £10.

Imperial Settlers 2

The new rule introduced in this expansion is called SET. Players can now score and trigger new effects each time they build 3 cards of a specific color - hence the name SET. This new rule means that choosing the right card at the right time becomes so much more important and players now have even more interesting decisions to make when drafting.

Designer and CEO Ignacy Trzewiczek had this to say "I like the fact that with this expansion the draft phase gets even more interesting.” He also added that, “You are not only looking at the abilities of cards, but now you also want to collect particular colors to build sets and activate your powerful feature cards. It's fun!"

This expansion seamlessly merges with the original game and all previous expansion packs. 3 Is A Magic Number contains 13 Common cards, 50 Faction cards, and 4 Solitaire Cards. Imperial Settlers is a card game for 1 to 4 players where players will be competing to have the best empire in a game of roughly 60 minutes. 

Along the way they will be pillaging their neighbors, building grand monuments and then watching as the person they thought was their friend mercilessly burns it down. It is wonderfully fun and this expansion looks to add even more depth and excitement to an already stellar game. Hopefully, we can look forward to even more expansions for Imperial Settlers in the future.

Portal game are also known for publishing other great games such as Stronghold, Neuroshima Hex, Tides of Time, and Legacy


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