Pokemon Trick or Trade BOOster Packs Are a Halloween Treat

Published: July 27, 2022 3:16 PM /


A group of Ghost Pokemon in a graveyard during a full moon

With Halloween a few months away, certain studios are already making plans for seasonally appropriate products and content. Resident Evil Village is getting a major paid expansion. The Netflix supernatural sensation, Stranger Things, is getting not one, but two different board games. Now, The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Trick or Trade BOOsters, a new set of cards designed as a unique alternative for trick-or-treaters.

What Are Pokemon Trick or Trade BOOsters?

According to an official post on The Pokemon Company's website, Pokemon Trick or Trade BOOsters are mini booster packs. Each one contains three cards and are themed around various spooky Pokemon. These Pokemon include various ghosts like Gengar, Pumpkaboo, Polteageist, and Mimikyu, as well as other Halloween-themed characters like Zubat. These packs will be sold in bundles of forty and will feature a unique stamp of a jack-o-lantern in the shape of Pikachu on every card.


This is the first year that Pokemon Trick or Trade BOOsters will be available. As for why they chose this particular approach to celebrating the spooky season, The Pokemon Company International's senior director of merchandise and retail marketing, Tim Moore stated the following:

 With the incredible popularity of the Pokémon TCG, this will be a uniquely welcomed candy-alternative in trick-or-treaters’ bags by both kids and parents. We look forward to working with grocery- and mass-retail partners to deliver this enjoyable product that lets kids discover the magic of the Pokémon TCG this Halloween season.

Moore's reasoning is not without merit. Pokemon is one of the most beloved multimedia franchises in the world with almost 30 years worth of fans. There aren't just children being entertained by this series, there are parents of children as well. The idea of families bonding over Pokemon cards, whether it be the artwork or learning to play the game, does hold a certain appeal next to the usual treats of spook houses and bags of candy.

An orange packet of Pokemon cards with Pikachu and Gengar on the front
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company

When Will Pokemon Trick or Trade BOOsters Be Available?

According to The Pokemon Company's post, the Pokemon Trick or Trade BOOster bundles will be available at participating grocery stores and mass retailers on September 1. While there was no MSRP listed, it might be wise to plan ahead, certain card game fans can go to extreme lengths for products like these.


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