Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames Details Revealed

Published: May 25, 2023 4:08 PM /


Artwork of Tera Charizard from Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames

A new Pokemon TCG set is on the way. The Pokemon Company continues to support the many branches of its multimedia franchise with the set featuring new Pokemon and ideas from the recent Scarlet and Violet games. In fact, the Obsidian Flames set will feature even more Tera Pokemon, all with some unexpected elemental changes.

Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames details

The first official products for the Obsidian Flames set were detailed by PokeBeach. According to the post, the set will introduce a new set of Tera Pokemon. These are a unique kind of Pokemon whose natural type has changed to something else, leading to different strengths and weaknesses. These new unusual types will include Charizard ex (Darkness), Tyranitar ex (Lightning), Tera Dragonite ex (Dragon), and Tera Greedent (Colorless). These Tera Pokemon will use the same Energy as their natural type but will have a new Weakness reflected by their shifted type. For example, Charizard will still use fire Energy for attacks and abilities, but will now be weak to Grass due to his Darkness type. Much like the Evolving Skies set, Obsidian Flames will be a shifted release, featuring cards from the Japanese set Ruler of the Black Flame, eight ex Starter Sets, several ex Special Sets, and a number of cut cards from Paldea Evolved.


The Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames set will contain the following:

  • Over 190 cards
  • 15 Pokemon ex and 6 Tera Pokemon ex
  • 12 illustration rare Pokemon
  • Six special illustration rare Pokemon and Supporter cards
  • 12 ultra rare full-art etched Pokemon ex and Supporter cards
  • More than 15 Trainer cards
  • Three hyper rare gold etched cards

The PokeBeach post also highlights other intriguing parts of the Obsidian Flames set. The Elite Trainer Boxes will include a full art Charmander promo card, and the Pokemon Center version will come with an extra stamped version of the card. In addition, the artwork for Charizard ex's Darkness type and Tyranitar ex's Lightning type are references to the Delta Species sets released in 2005 and 2006.

The Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames set will release on August 11th.


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