The Pokemon Company Previews Pokemon Go TCG Expansion

The Pokemon Company have released a sneak peek of their Pokemon Go TCG Expansion. The preview included a showcase of card artwork blending the two spin-off franchises together

Published: April 29, 2022 2:38 PM /


The logo of Pokemon Go in front of an open field

Fans of the Pokemon franchise have had plenty to enjoy recently. In addition to a steady release schedule of video games, there is the augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go which adds the world of Pokemon to an otherwise normal walk in the park. It's a spin-off title so popular it has its own in-person event, Pokemon Go Fest. Now, it seems The Pokemon Company wants to represent the unique ideas and style of this mobile game to its popular trading card game. Hence a sneak peek at their upcoming Pokemon Go TCG expansion.

This preview of the Pokemon Go TCG expansion was by a post on the official Pokemon website. Several of the cards showed off alternate art of various Pokemon hanging out in the real world like a Pikachu walking alongside someone else or a Snorlax taking a big snooze on someone's front lawn. There's even card art of a Blissey left to defend a Gym on a map screen. Then there are a few Trainer cards that replicate the effects of certain mechanics found in the mobile game. For example, the PokeStop Stadium card lets players discard three cards from the top of their deck, with any item cards going directly to their hands. The post even confirms that the heads of Pokemon Go's three factions, Candela, Spark, and Blanche, will be in this expansion as Supporter cards.

Artwork of Pikachu and Snorlax from the Pokemon Go TCG expansion
Image Credit: The Pokemon Company

Finally, the sneak preview of the Pokemon Go TCG expansion included some high profile cards and promos. The first is a Mewtwo VStar card, complete with a devastating Star Raid VStar Power that does 120 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon V. The second is the Pokemon TCG debut of the mythical Pokemon Meltan, along with its evolved form, Melmetal. Both Mewtwo VStar and Melmetal will be featured in Battle Decks. Finally, there is the promo card Radiant Eevee. Not only is it a versatile card since it is a Colorless type card, it has the Twinkle Gathering attack which lets you search for up to six cards in your deck.

The Pokemon Go TCG expansion, including Elite Trainer boxes, Battle Decks, and corresponding tins, will be available for purchase July 1st.

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