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Playing Card Creators Bicycle Starts Publishing Board Games

May 11, 2019

By: William Worrall


Bicycle is currently most well-known as producers of various themed playing card decks, ranging from zombies to unicorns. It seems they've decided to throw their hat into the board game arena because they recently announced their intention to publish 2 new board games under their new Games By Bicycle label. The two games in question are both card games, perhaps unsurprisingly, one being a party game aimed at adults and the other a more kid-friendly card-based racing game.

It's Blunderful is the first title announced, and is a party game based on the idea of deciding how other players would respond to awkward questions. Being a party game the rules are designed to be quick-to-learn, with the claim being that you can be having fun in only 30 seconds. Although the game is aimed and marketed at adults it features non-offensive content that is designed to be relatable to adults more than it is to be shocking or inappropriate for children. It's Blunderful also features gambling mechanics as other players have to bet on how they think each other would react to a specific situation.

The other title, Shuffle Grand Prix, is a card-based racing game aimed at a more family-friendly audience. Using cards to define how long a race lasts, Shuffle Grand Prix tasks players with seeing how far they can get before the track runs out. Throughout the course of the game, players can use cards to slow down other racers, as well as use their characters unique abilities to give themselves an advantage.

Both It's Blunderful and Shuffle Grand Prix are available from Bicycle right now.


Are you interested in either of these new games from Bicycle? What do you think about Bicycle becoming a board game publisher? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below. 

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