Pathfinder Society Year Four Announced, Abomination Vaults Coming to D&D 5e

Published: June 3, 2022 3:16 PM /


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In the world of tabletop RPGs, Paizo Publishing's Pathfinder is seen as healthy competition to Dungeons and Dragons. Paizo has managed to stand out from Wizards of the Coast thanks to well-received videogame adaptations, being the first tabletop publisher to recognize a worker's union, and being the first to introduce named LGBTQ+ characters into the lore of their universe. Now, they have announced new content coming soon for Pathfinder Second Edition, this includes a new year of Pathfinder Society adventures, and conversion of the new edition's latest campaign: Abomination Vaults, to Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

What Is Coming For Pathfinder Society?

For those not aware, Pathfinder Society are a series of adventures produced by Paizo. They are played both at gaming tables and conventions, as well as online sessions, and are similar in structure to Dungeons and Dragons' West Marches adventures. Player characters are members of the titular Pathfinder Society, a sort of adventurer's guild tasked with a quest with the promise of gold and magic items for their trouble. New adventures are slowly introduced over the span of a year with an overarching narrative thread tying the adventures together.


Now, courtesy of an official post on Paizo's website, Pathfinder Society Year Four is underway. Officially titled the Year of Boundless Wonder, the adventures will continue the events of last year when the society collected some strange creatures. This has lead to a certain enemy from the society's past attempting to raid the vaults of the organization for themselves. This intro scenario will debut at this year's GenCon (August 4-7) and is designed for adventurers of levels 1-4.

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How is Pathfinder Abomination Vaults Coming To Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition?

Alternatively, if your gaming table is interested in a long-form campaign, Pathfinder Second Edition's most popular adventure path, Abomination Vaults will have your attention. It is a horror-themed adventure released on May 25 2022 where your party investigates the ruins of a lighthouse in the coastal town of Otari, uncovering the gruesome secrets heralded by something known as the Gauntlight. It is also an intense adventure with content warnings of ableism, suicide, body horror, and human experimentation, so those wanting to run this adventure are strongly encouraged to coordinate a Session 0.

Now, Abomination Vaults will be getting converted to Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition. In another official post on Paizo's website, development manager Ron Lundeen went into further detail. First, he was quick to mention that this does not mean Paizo will be abandoning Pathfinder Second Edition to just make adventures for Wizards of the Coast. This is still an adventure set in the world of Pathfinder, just with Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition rule set. Next, Lundeen mentioned that this conversion was not half-hearted. In fact, the development of this conversion happened in parallel with the Pathfinder 2e version and was done from the ground up. Everything you need to run the adventure in its entirety will be found in the book, including comprehensive entries of Pathfinder monsters like grothluts and shulns. It is currently available for pre-order on Paizo's website and is slated to release this October.


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