Pathfinder Announces Guns and Gears Playtest

Published: January 6, 2021 10:04 AM /


Gun and Gears Playtest - Key Art

Piazo, creators of tabletop RPG Pathfinder, are running a playtest to potentially add two new character classes to the game in an upcoming sourcebook. The Guns and Gears playtest will last until February this year and will give players the chance to try out the gunslinger and inventory classes before they're added to the game officially this fall. 

The Guns and Gear Playtest

The Guns and Gears playtest website asks players to try out the new classes in a variety of different situations so that a broad range of feedback can be gathered. This feedback will presumably be used to help remove any bugs or issues that may arise from the new classes once they've been used in games. Once players have tested out these classes, there are a couple of surveys for the player to fill out. The first survey asks for specific feedback on the classes, while the other asks you to fill in your own feedback about the classes and other new features in the playtest. 


The Classes

One of the new classes featured in the Guns and Gears playtest is a gunslinger, in case you ever felt like playing as a Stephan King character in Pathfinder. This class has you pick from several different archetypes, including the melee/ranged combo of a drifter, the dual-wielding pistolero, and the stealthy sniper. Your main take-away about this class should probably be the guns. From pistols, to hand cannons (yes really) to strait up rifles, this class is all about firearms. 

The other featured class is the inventor, which is basically as close to being an overly-aggressive Doc Brown as you can get in Pathfinder. Each inventor has a specific innovation that they're working on which they carry into battle with them, either a weapon, some armor, or a clockwork companion. One of the earliest tricks you learn to do with your innovation is blowing it up to cause damage to enemies. This class is 100% mad scientist. 


The Guns and Gears playtest is running from now until February 5, 2021. You can get involved over at the playtest website and download yourself a copy of the PDF to run your own game with these two new exciting classes. Don't forget to fill out the surveys once you're done. The new sourcebook for these classes is expected to be released in Fall of 2021. 


What do you think of these new classes for Pathfinder? Will you be joining in the playtest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 




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