Pathfinder Creator Paizo Releases First Draft of Open RPG Creative License & Asks for Feedback

The creator of Pathfinder at Paizo have shared the first draft of their Open RPG Creative License (ORC) while asking for feedback. 👀

Published: April 7, 2023 10:02 PM /


Paizo's Open RPG Creative License (ORC) Art

Paizo, well known for the Pathfinder tabletop system, has released the first draft of its Open RPG Creative License (ORC). 

The draft is a 4-page document available on Paizo's own website and it's a game-agnostic license that can be used by any tabletop creator to open their game up to be used by other developers. 

By including the ORC into their product, creators give leave to others to create modules and other associated products for the original system while providing both parties with a clear legal framework that isn't controlled by any specific developer (Paizo itself included). 

The release was accompanied by a second document providing a handy Q&A that gives additional insight into the license. The aim is to "give the gaming community comfort, confidence, and certainty" while also reducing the threat of legal litigation among creators.

According to Paizo, the integrity of this license derives from the fact that it cannot be updated or revised. Of course, someone in the future may propose a different license, but products created under ORC would not be affected, providing a predictable legal status into the future without concerns about suddenly changing licensing terms. In Paizo's own words:

The ORC License cannot be updated, amended, repealed, revoked, or deauthorized by anyone. Not ever. There will be no subsequent versions.

This release follows the debacle generated by Wizards of the Coast attempting to update its D&D Open Gaming License to version 1.1 with terms that creators definitely did not like. Paizo spearheaded the opposition to such a move causing many to move to Pathfinder and other systems which wouldn't be affected, with peer and costumer pressure forcing WotC to ultimately fold.

Yet, this was too little too late for many, and Paizo decided to go forward with drafting a new license that wouldn't be under WotC's (or anyone else's) control.

Considering that this is a draft, its journey to full publication is not complete and paizo asks peers to provide feedback so that it can be improved before it's finalized.

Incidentally, Paizo recently signed a deal with BKOM studios for the creation of two Pathfinder video games. 

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