Para Bellum Games Announces Conquest Project 8

Para Bellum Games, the studio behind the fantasy miniature war game Conquest have officially announced a new living event. It is one where the community will vote on what new faction will be added to the game

Published: January 3, 2023 4:24 PM /


The promo image for Conquest Project 8

A new event has gone live for Para Bellum Games' Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings. The tabletop developer has held similar events in the past, one of which saw the debut of the Old Dominion faction. But Conquest Project 8 is a different experience than the others. This time, the developers are allowing the community to decide what the next faction introduced to their game will be.

The Conquest Project 8 Event

According to an official press release, Conquest Project 8 will launch on Para Bellum's interactive lore platform. During this living world event, three different factions will be presented as candidates for the eight army faction in the game, and the players will get to decide which one makes the cut. This will be determined in a three-round competition between the various candidates, where the player base will vote on which army they like based on different criteria such as early concept art, lore, playstyle, and general atmosphere.

As for what three factions will be voted on in Conquest Project 8, the new event page has some details. First are the grizzled sellswords known as the Dogs of War. As the name implies, their loyalty is to the highest bidder and they care more about getting the job done than anything else. Because of this, they have options for cross-faction play. Second are the Sorcerer Kings, powerful controllers of the elements that hold dominion over an entire continent. Finally, there are the Spawn of Hel, vengeful creatures from the endless corridors of Yggdrasil, all eager for vengeance for long-forgotten atrocities.

Para Bellum's own Founder and Creative Director, Stavros Halkias, went into further detail about Conquest Project 8. Halkias explains that the success of Project 6 lead to the Old Dominion faction being one of the most popular in the game to date. Halkias credits this to how player involvement got the community more invested in the release, which is something he and his team want to push even more with this event.

The voting process on Conquest Project 8 is live right now. You are able to vote once every week, refreshing every Friday, until January 27.

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