Persona 5 Royal Card Game Announced by Pandasaurus

Published: October 5, 2022 2:42 PM /


Official artwork of Joker from Persona 5 Royal

A Persona 5 Royal Card Game is on the way. Tabletop developer Pandasaurus is partnering with Atlus to publish an official adaptation of the critically acclaimed JRPG. The card game will attempt to adapt the series' distinct blend of modern Japanese slice-of-life antics and its urban fantasy conceit of plundering dungeons based on the mindscapes of greedy or corrupt individuals.

An official announcement logo for the Persona 5 Royal Card Game
An announcement in the style of a Phantom Thief calling card.

What we know about the Persona 5 Royal Card Game

According to Pandasaurus, the Persona 5 Royal Card Game will be a cooperative strategy experience. Players will take on the roles of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, the main characters of Persona 5. Each of the main party will be playable including their leader, Joker. The game will also feature the many different trappings of the game, including the complex Palaces the Phantom Thieves infiltrate, the mysterious Velvet Room run by series' staple Igor, and the hundreds of unique supernatural aids known as Personas.

The Persona 5 Royal Card Game will be developed by Emerson Matsuuchi. Matsuuchi's work includes Foundations of Rome, a beloved architect game where you attempt to build the grand structures of Rome, and Century: Eastern Wonders, a high-seas trading game where you attempt to trade and transport exotic spices. Matsuuchi even developed several continuations such as Century: Spice Road, Century: A New World, and Century: Golem Edition. As for exact details on how the game will work, Matsuuchi was coy on details. Pandasaurus' co-founder, Nathan McNair, was decidedly more exuberant stating, "As a diehard fan of Persona 5 Royal – I cannot wait to bring the Palaces, Velvet Room and world of Persona 5 Royal onto tabletops everywhere in 2023."

The Persona 5 Royal Card Game is slated to release on October 2023. More information about the game will be coming as development continues.


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