PaizoCon 2023 Teases New Pathfinder and Starfinder Content

Published: May 26, 2023 3:00 PM /


The Paizocon 2023 online banner, featuring various Pathfinder iconic heroes.

This weekend marks the start of Paizocon 2023. This is Paizo Inc.'s dedicated online fan convention where the developers can provide glimpses into new projects and products coming to both their fantasy TTRPG Pathfinder and its sci-fi sister series, Starfinder. The keynote presentation did provide new info on things like the Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster Project and Starfinder Enhanced, but it also announced new sourcebooks and adventure paths for players to enjoy.

The Paizocon 2023 online Pathfinder announcements

The Paizocon 2023 online keynote opened with Paizo's Lead Designer, Logan Bonner providing some new info on the Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster. He revealed the final painted covers of the Player Core and GM Core books. These covers, fully painted by Wayne Reynolds, feature the Pathfinder iconic heroes fighting against new dragons. These same dragons will make their debut in the Monster Core book. The full-color covers will be available online and at retailers. However, the sketch covers will only be available at your local game store.


Cover artwork for Pathfinder Second Edition Remaster GM Core book, featuring pencil sketch artwork
If you want this on your shelf, better get out to your local store.

Following that, Senior Designer James Case, showcased a brand new Pathfinder rulebook. Rage of Elements will add new wood and metal elemental planes to the world of Golarion, as well as introduce new elemental lords. The book will also include the Kineticist, an elemental adept martial class. This will be the first rulebook that will be compatible with the new Remaster version of Pathfinder 2e. It will be available in early August at GenCon as well as online and at retail.

Case also announced a second rulebook will be coming in 2024. Titled Howl of the Wild, it will feature the Naturalist and crew of the Zoetrope navigating the wilds. The book will introduce six new wild-side ancestries, and new creatures, as well as new regional variants of certain creatures, spells, archetypes, and more.

The Paizocon 2023 keynote then pivoted to new sourcebooks and adventure paths coming to Pathfinder. Creative Director Luis Loza gave a brief look at Pathfinder Lost Omens: Highhelm, a sourcebook that will both describe more of the region and further explore dwarven culture. It will contain new feats, skills, ancestries, backgrounds, and mechanics, as well as more info on the dwarven pantheon of gods. Pathfinder Lost Omens: Highhelm will release both online and at retail in June.

Artwork from Pathfinder Rage of Elements, featuring a wizard in a fight against a skeletal dinosaur and several insect-like creatures with spears
New elementals just means more problems.

Coincidentally, one of the newest adventure paths is also dwarf-themed. The Sky King's Tomb is an adventure path that will take adventurers from level 1 to 10 on a major quest to reclaim a lost piece of dwarven history. The adventure path will be released in three volumes with the first release happening in August. Some new info regarding the upcoming Tian Xia adventure path: Season of Ghosts was also discussed. The adventure path will take players from levels 1 to 12 and will take place over an entire calendar year, with each of the four parts representing the different seasons. Finally, a standalone adventure, Rusthenge, is coming out. This will put players into the lands of the Runelords and will release later this year.

From here, the keynote highlighted several recent partnerships. These include a run of Pathfinder comics by Dynamite Comics and the Abomination Vaults video game being made with BKOM Studios, But one of the newer announcements came from Steve Jackson Games with Pathfinder: Revolution. This expansion to the original Revolution board game will put players in the rebellion of Korvosa as they face down Queen Ileosa. Pathfinder: Revolution is set to release later this year.

Artwork from Starfinder Mechageddon, showing a mech with a sword fighting a giant monster in a city
Pacific Rim, eat your heart out.

The Paizocon 2023 online Starfinder announcements

As for new Starfinder news, the Paizocon 2023 keynote had plenty to offer. First, some new info was released for Starfinder Enhanced. This book contains revisions and rules changes for the game, all thanks to extensive player feedback. It will contain new player options, items, spells, and rules for scaling up equipment. Furthermore, it will contain enhanced versions of four different character classes: Envoy, Solarian, Technomancer, and Witchwarper.


Lastly, if you are a fan of mechs and kaiju, then the newest Starfinder adventure path Mechageddon will have something for you. As the name implies, the players will command a mech as they navigate the planet Dimalcho, a world packed with giant monsters. The adventure path will take players through levels 3-18, and will allow mechs to level up to tier 17. Mechageddon will be coming out sometime in 2024.



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