Paizo Announces Changes to Pathfinder Errata

Published: January 5, 2023 3:51 PM /


Official artwork from Pathfinder of a party fighting in a dungeon

Paizo is making some changes in 2023. The tabletop publisher behind the fantasy TTRPG Pathfinder has continued to support both the game and their community. This includes bringing community-made content to Roll20, and tightening their development focus by discontinuing one-shot adventures, in addition to ongoing expansions and supplements. But their newest change will be how they address Pathfinder errata, the small but crucial rule changes that happen throughout an RPG's lifespan.

Changes to Pathfinder errata

Paizo explained how they would be changing Pathfinder errata in a community post. Game Design Director Jason Bulmahn opens the post by explaining how the company used to address rule changes. Originally, if any changes to the rules happened, they would occur whenever a book gets reprinted. While this meant that rules were consistent with what was on store shelves, changes would also happen infrequently. Furthermore, it means that if certain books never get reprinted, their contents wouldn't be up to date with the current state of the game. For comparison, Wizards of the Coast is also sporadic with changes to D&D 5e, but usually does so through its content platform D&D Beyond.

This approach to Pathfinder errata will end in 2023. Now, Paizo will release two errata every year. One of these will release in Spring, the other will release in Fall. In addition, the errata will cover a wide range of Paizo material instead of a single book. Bulmahn also explains that this will allow the development team to be more responsive to questions from the community and address various issues during play.

This Pathfinder errata announcement was followed by news that the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook would be getting its fourth reprint. Lead Designer Logan Bonner explains some of the changes coming to the game in the printing. This includes alternate ancestry boosts. Now players can choose two ability boosts from any ancestry, opening things up for character expression. The Alchemist character class has received some changes, including the ability to make healing potions. Finally, this new printing will include several small changes to wording on spells and skill proficiency. The most interesting of these changes include a nerf to the gnome flickmace weapon.


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