Ork Goff Rocker Brings Moozik To Warhammer 40k

By the power or music (and Ork logic), the grim darkness of the far future is getting some rockstar power this holiday season with the Ork Goff Rocker miniature.

Published: November 12, 2022 5:00 AM /


Promotional image of the Ork Goff Rocker from Warhammer 40k

Games Workshop has revealed new details about their upcoming holiday promo mini for Warhammer 40k. Despite the grimdark sci-fi franchise being known for relentless misery and perpetual warfare between fascistic human empires, alien hive minds, and interdimensional demons, it is no stranger to irreverent comedy. Most of this is associated with the Orks, whose absurd sports hooligan antics lead to impossible antics. It is those very antics that will be showcased with the Ork Goff Rocker; a miniature that showcases their musical skills.

A snapshot of the Ork Goff Rocker miniature
Image Credit to TechRaptor's own Giaco Furino.

Warhammer 40k Ork Goff Rocker

The announcement of the Ork Goff Rocker was made November 4th in an official Warhammer-Community post. In the post, Games Workshop discussed the traditions of making these promotional minis for the holiday season, citing their Red Gobbo from last year before going into detail about the rocker. First, the Ork Goff Rocker is meant to be a throwback to earlier versions of the Orks: the music-oriented Oddboyz. Second, while there are no rules available yet to field it, there will be mini-rules coming in a Christmas brochure later.

As for the miniature itself, it is packed with personality. The leather jacket and big top hat invoke the spirit of 1980s hard rock and metal bands; clear inspirations for Warhammer 40k. In keeping with Ork Logic, the Ork Goff Rocker is using a stikkbomb as a microphone...and it actually works. In addition, the Ork has a boot propped up on a red squig that appears to be an amplifier. As to whether or not that squig was an amplifier to begin with or an Ork Dok made it is anyone's guess. Finally, there is the electric guitar on his back. As for whether or not it actually fires lightning or just deafens its opponents like a Noise Marine is something only the statblock will be able to tell.

The Ork Goff Rocker is available for pre-order right now. If you order one before New Year's Eve, you are guaranteed to receive one, otherwise it is first come first serve.

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