Inuit-Designed Nunami Teaches You to Live in Harmony with Nature

Published: December 8, 2020 3:44 PM /


Nunami Inuit board game cover

Inuit-designed tabletop game Nunami has finally arrived on store shelves, giving board game fans the opportunity to play an interesting and unique game that explores the themes of harmony with nature.

Nunami is the product of a successful Kickstarter, raising more than double its $15,600 funding goal. Since then, the game has been produced and copies have gone out to Kickstarter backers — and now everyone else can pick up a copy of this interesting new tabletop game.

Curious about the game? You can see how it's played in this video from its creator Thomassie Mangiok using an early prototype board:

How to Play Nunami (and Live in Harmony with Nature)

The gameplay of Nunami is inspired by Inuit culture, emphasizing the themes of living together with nature. Players must set up the modular board, place some cards face down on the board, and deal 5 cards to each player. Cards are revealed when either life points go below or above a certain threshold depending on whether a player is representing Humans or Nature; either 2 players or 4 players can play the game.

"I never imagined that it would be at this stage." – Thomassie Mangiok, Creator of Nunami

The game starts off simple enough, but it gets more complex as time goes on.  The game ends when any player acquires a total of 4 points and will typically last around 15 minutes. I've seen some reports of the rules being a little unclear at launch, but a dedicated fan has provided some clarity with rewritten rules for the game.

Nunami appears to be the first-ever Inuit-designed tabletop game, the culmination of a years-long journey by artist and educator Thomassie Mangiok.

"Each time you play, not only do you get a sense of exploring, but you also see what’s happening and you create a picture in your head," Mangiok told the Nunatsiaq News.

"It’s similar to Star Trek as it’s about exploring," he added.

Nunami Inuit board game slice

You Can Buy Nunami Now, But Don't Wait Too Long!

With the Kickstarter now complete, Nunami is now available for purchase at retailers. A word of caution, though — the vast majority of the first printing run appears to have gone to the thousands of Kickstarter backers, and only a couple hundred copies have been made available for sale through Amazon.

If you're looking for an interesting new tabletop game to play, you can buy Nunami on Amazon for $38.00 or your regional equivalent. You have a good chance of getting a copy in time for Christmas, but don't delay — there's no telling how long it will be before the game gets back in stock.

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What do you think of Nunami? What's your favorite nature-themed tabletop game? Let us know in the comments below!

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