New Warhammer Card Game Available for Pre-Order

Tabletop game developer Cubicle 7 have announced a brand new card game set in the Warhammer Fantasy Universe

Published: July 22, 2021 3:38 PM /


The lay out of cards and pieces for the Warhammer Card Game Elector Count

Fans of the Warhammer Fantasy universe are about to have something new to look out for thanks to developer Cubicle 7.

It is a card game called Elector Counts, and it is set in the Old World era of Warhammer Fantasy. The whole game is framed as something the ruffians and gamblers of the setting would play while at taverns and inns. It is framed as a war game where you manage your army and fight all who oppose you with swords, firearms, and pure resolve all to take your rightful place on the throne after the death of the emperor, Sigmar. This is fitting since 'The Old World' is set sometime before the Age of Sigmar and a few centuries before the end of the world via an invasion of Chaos.

The game is made for 2-4 players and it will include a set of English rules, 112 game cards, a set of tokens, and a player aid card. It will feature fantastic artwork depicting famous locations, major characters, and loyal soldiers from the various different armies that make up the empire of The Old World.

The box art for the Warhammer Fantasy card game Elector Counts
For the Empire!

This appears to be a continuation of Games Workshop's ongoing attempts to renew interest in the Warhammer Fantasy series. In addition to multiple tabletop RPGs available on the market, there was also the announcement of a new war game simply titled Warhammer: The Old World, which would borrow elements from Warhammer Fantasy while having square bases for their units going forward. There is also the pending release of Warhammer Total War 3 which is also set in The Old World era. As for the release of Warhammer: The Old World itself, it is still currently in playtesting with no solid release date in sight.

Elector Counts is available for pre-order right now on Cubicle 7's online store. It is currently slated for physical release in Q4 of 2021. The game will set you back $29.99 not including pending shipping costs.

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