New Warcry Grand Alliance Order Rules Announced

Shortly after the release of the newest edition of the Age of Sigmar spin-off, Warcry: Heart of Ghur, Games Workshop have announced new free Warcry rules for the Grand Alliance Order warbands

Published: August 1, 2022 2:57 PM /


Two armies from Age of Sigmar fighting in a gnarled forest

Games Workshop has announced new Warcry Grand Alliance Order rules. This announcement is shortly after the release of the third edition of the game as well as its newest launch set, Warcry: Heart of Ghur, which contains everything a new player needs to get started. Now, these new rules will help bring existing armies up to date on the newest changes to the game.

What Are The New Warcry Grand Alliance Order Rules?

The new Warcry Grand Alliance Order rules were announced in an official Warhammer-Community post. It goes into detail about the various changes coming to this Warband from minor revisions such as updated fighter cards and ability changes, but the introduction of new Reactions. Reactions are the biggest change in the newest edition of Warcry, allowing certain units to either Counter, Take Cover, or Strike Down in response to different actions if the unit chooses to wait for the enemy to act first. According to our official review of the Heart of Ghur set, the implementation of these Reactions "doesn’t slow the game down at all (which is important, because Warcry is a super fast-paced game)."

As part of the new Warcry Grand Alliance Order rules, all warbands will be getting their own special Reactions. One of the reactions featured are for the Thunderstrike Stormcasts called Thunderous Departure, which allows you to deal damage to an enemy attacker in response to a melee strike that will take out one of your units. Furthermore, point values have changed across the board. A Lord Imperatant unit now costs 240 points as opposed to 210 points, but now has a ranged attack. Alternatively, the Vincictor units have gotten slightly cheaper - 145 points to 135 points.

An excerpt of a reaction from the new warcry Grand Alliance Order rules
Image Credit: Games Workshop

Where Can I Buy The New Warcry Grand Alliance Order Rules?

All of the new Warcry Grand Alliance Order rules are available on Games Workshop's website for free right now. However, if you wish to have these rules available in book form, Games Workshop will be releasing a Warcry Compendium at a later date. This will collect all of the major changes across all four Grand Alliances. There is currently no information as to how much this compendium will cost.

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