New Starter Box for Batman The Miniatures Game Announced

Published: April 12, 2021 3:12 PM /


An image of a Batman miniatures game box set showing off its contents

The developers behind Batman The Miniatures Game, Knight Models, have officially announced a new Starter Box set. With the announcement of the Batman The Miniatures Game 3rd Edition, this starter box is Intended to help new players get into the tactical skirmish-based tabletop war game. The box will include a starting set of models, character boards, decks of cards, and rulebooks for how to play.

We reached out to Knight Models regarding the announcement of this starter set. This is because Knight Models released a similar starter set last year: the Back To Gotham set. There are some notable changes between these two boxes. While both sets include iconic characters like Batman, Detective Harvey Bullock, and Harley Quinn, the new Starter Box has fewer pieces. In addition to Commissioner Gordon and The Joker being absent, there is no unique terrain available out of the box. Furthermore, it appears that the larger Back to Gotham starter set has been de-listed from all major retailers including Amazon and Knight Model's own online storefront.


While Knight Models didn't get back to us through official channels, the activity on their Facebook announcement provided additional details. The idea behind this smaller starter set was to make a more accessible experience for new players. it makes a level of sense since the game does include additional rules for things such as elevation and line of sight, which may be too much information for new players to follow. When several fans asked if Commissioner Gordon and The Joker would become available to buy separately, Knight Models was coy but didn't confirm or deny this.

A press image of Batman with Gotham City Police as miniature models
Official advertisement for the models taken from their Facebook page.

If you have played Batman The Miniatures Game in the past or have bought figures before and find this announcement frustrating, Knight Models recognizes this as well. While the developers have done an admirable job supporting this game with complex in-depth rules and some genuinely stunning miniature models, it seems communication and community outreach could use some work. Replying to a disgruntled fan in the replies, Knight Models stated, "I hope we can make you change your mind throughout the year."

If you were fortunate enough to purchase the Back to Gotham starter set, hold off on buying this new box. If you are interested in playing out the urban war for control of Gotham City, this seems like a great place to start. There are no details as to price, but given its removed terrain, and several pieces it will presumably be cheaper than last year's starter set.  The set will be arriving sometime this April.

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