New Pacific Rim: Extinction Miniatures Game Stomping to a Store Near You

Published: July 1, 2019 6:00 PM /



River Horse, creators of Jim Henson's Labyrinth The Adventure GameHighlander: The Board Game, and more have just announced the opening of pre-sale for their upcoming miniatures game based on the Pacific Rim franchise. Pacific Rim: Extinction is described as a "scenario-driven, tabletop miniatures strategy game" where two or more players face off in a struggle between giant mech Jaegers and monstrous Kaiju.

Fully painted and at 75mm scale, this miniatures game features asymmetrical gameplay. As the Jaegers dedicated to defending the world, your job will be to stop the Kaiju and keep city destruction to a minimum. As the Kaiju, you'll start each match with a secret objective you'll need to fulfill to win. There's a quick way to play the game, and deeper customization available, as Jaeger players can equip different weapons and pilots to their miniatures (in the form of cards), and Kaiju players can choose various strange mutations for their big baddies. The aim of the game seems to be all about balancing careful strategy with hard-hitting attacks, which fits the Pacific Rim theme perfectly.

The Gipsy Avenger, included in the starter set.

The Shrikethorn, included in the starter set.


The starter set includes everything you need to get playing, including two painted miniatures (the Gipsy Avenger and the Shrikethorn, pictured above), various necessary game cards, a double-sided 3x2 poster map, 3D skyscrapers, 2D terrain tiles, custom dice, and a rulebook.

Along with the preorder announcement for the starter set, players can also preorder additional miniatures, including the Saber Athena Jaeger, the Obsidian Fury Kaiju, the Gipsy Danger Jaeger, and the Hakuja Kaiju.

pr saberathena
The Saber Athena, one of two Jaeger expansions for the game.

The starter set is supposed to come out sometime in 2019, and the pre-order site even caveats in big bold print: "This pre-order is for customers to secure a copy directly from us and it may be cheaper or faster to get this from a local gaming store or online."

The starter set will retail for $59.99, and each expansion will retail for $34.99.

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